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Why 3D Printing is Set to Break Records in The Coming Years

Printing in the standard 2D fashion has been around since the first printing press was invented by Steve Gutenberg in 1436. This system has been evolving throughout the ages and now our printing process is not nearly as time consuming as it once was. The average home has a standard printer that they use to print out whatever the family needs. Still we have been left to fumble with papers in a 2D fashion for years, but the 3D printer is now making its way into the mainstream.

We have seen how 3D printing has helped companies throughout the years effectively get their products the recognition they need by making them available in a 3D model to the general public. The process has become something of normal within the world these days, but the world of 3D printing is set to break out of its shell within the coming years making it standard practice for more than just the people that have already had great success with the process. Here are some reasons that 3D printing will break its already monumental records within the coming years.

New Technologies

Whenever a new invention is created the initial creation always has room to grow. We have seen how 3D printing has enabled companies to market their proposed new products through many different avenues. The prospective investor is able to be given the actual product with the real dimensions without just schematics on a piece of paper. The process is revolutionary, but like all new forms of technology, trial and error along with new innovations to the current technology enable the invention to grow. 3D printing technology is growing more and more advanced with each passing year.

One of the newest technologies set to enter the market comes in the form of fusion jet technology. This newest form of 3D printing technology enables the printer to utilize many more materials during the printing process. It also allows for the printing time to be cut to a fraction of the time. The technology is set to hit the market at the end of this year.

High Speed Printing

The standard 3D printing process takes a little more time than just putting ink to paper. It involves highly sensitive lasers that strategically cut the material needed in order for the 3-dimensional shape to take form. The lasers have been somewhat limited in their capacity to put out the image at fast speeds. The newest form of printing however relies on sintering process that allows for much faster rates of printing to happen.

The entire process of sintering seems complicated, but basically the technology brings together the powder bed fusion of the machine with an inkjet type printer. The powder sits on the bed and the use of infrared technology allows for the printing to happen at lightning fast paces. The time for waiting large amounts of time for your 3D image to come to life is now coming to an end.

Not for Huge Corporations Any Longer

The 3D printing process in its beginnings was an inordinately expensive process to have accomplished. It was basically only for those that could pay the high price of printing to have it done. That meant that the large corporations had the ability to take an idea and run with it before anyone else could. The average inventor had to be very tactful in who they talked to so news of their invention did not reach the ears of these corporations before they had the individual capital to make their dream a reality. Where this was great for big business, it left the smaller companies and the individual inventor out in the cold. This is not so anymore.

As with any new technology, the first time it is introduced, the cost is high, but over time the technology evolves and someone always makes it more economical for the common folk. Such is the case with 3D printing. There are approximately 7 billion people that occupy this planet and each and every one of those people has the potential to create something new. Many success stories have come from frustrated moms inadvertently inventing something new and amazing simply because they were tired of a specific task they had to do. These problem solving people come up with new innovations every day and with the now cost effective nature of the 3D printing industry, the average person can get their 3D model printed and marketed before the big companies can know what is going on. The shift from big business running over the little guy is becoming a thing of the past with more and more average Joe’s turning to 3D printing to bring their dreams to fruition. The coming years are going to mean big things for the 3D printing industry.


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