Most Popular Types of Online Games

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The world of online gaming has exploded with millions of players engaged in several types of online games at any moment during the day. The industry exploded when Internet and computer speeds reached the point where smooth gameplay and an ability to play, connect with friends and conduct –commerce simultaneously was assured. Online gaming used to be strictly for computer users, now it has expanded to include tablets, mobile phones and game console owners who all want to be entertained. There are several types of very popular entertaining online games that have their full attention.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)

Massive Multiplayer Online Games are distinguished by their ability to support thousands and even millions of players online simultaneously in the same world. In an MMOG, you are a single player who teams with your friends in a virtual world usually with mythical beasts and all sorts of dangerous adventures. The players in these games can usually choose to play various roles, switching when they choose. The draw of these games is that they allow people to live a different virtual life, and gain powers and abilities that let them do things they could never get the opportunity to do in real life.

You and your team, compete against hundreds or even thousands of other teams, and the game itself, in what is usually a kill or be killed game scenario. Perhaps the most popular game of this type, World of Warcraft, boasts millions of online players, playing throughout the day, and even has tournaments where thousands attend to watch the players battle for off-world domination.  World of Warcraft was just made into a big budget Hollywood action movie.

Casino Games

Casinos have been around for more than 150 years, and online casinos because of their convenience, variety of game choices, and high payouts, have quickly become a more popular alternative. For the millions around the world who play online casino games, online casinos offer them all the most popular games, including slots, roulette, poker and blackjack and to try others at their own speed. And they let you enjoy the thrills of a real casino right from your living room any time, day or night. Players can play multiple games simultaneously and can play for fun or with real cash, without ever stepping foot into a loud and bright casino.

First Person Shooter Games

In a first person shooter games, you are the shooter. These games are a type of three-dimensional shooter game, featuring a first-person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the shooter/player. These games are usually about combat with the player attempting to track down and take out adversaries while avoiding being killed or captured themselves. The most popular ones focus on shooting people animals, planes or even spaceships and offer a variety of weapons for the player to choose from. These games sometimes allow two players to fight alongside each other.

Racing Games

If you are seeking to line up and start your engine, on-line racing games are your cup of tea. The game takes place in either the first person (you are the driver) or the third person (you are watching and controlling the car being driven) or allows the player to switch back and forth between the two perspectives. The games are always a racing competition with different types of vehicle, on any land, sea or air surface.  The racing competitions may be against other racers, time or a combination of the two. There are many racing games based on real races like NASCAR or Formula One, but also many based on fantasy competitions. These games have huge followings from all different age groups, who sometimes play online in contests for cash and prizes.

Strategy Games

Strategy games are interactive games that engage players with thought-provoking game experiences. These games are often aimed at those with big brains, and lots of patience. A high level of player involvement, concentration and analysis of the game elements is often required and players who excel in these areas are usually the ones who score the highest. Many of these games are created to last months without players making significant progress. Strategy games will often involve moving one or more characters across a map, utilizing resources and reaching and conquering specific locations on the map. Goals are set by the game or sometimes by the players themselves, and the games can be often be played alone or in groups.



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