New Tech Displays, Apps Wearables Are Changing the NFL

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It used to be that all NFL fans could do when watching games was to see what’s going on with an online NFL sportsbook and to see what is happening on television or on the radio. However, technology is making things different in that people can get in touch with the game that they love in a variety of brand new and exciting ways.


It’s true that people are already interacting with technology in many ways. They are looking at NFL sports betting odds on their smartphones and keeping tabs on stats in real time, for instance. There are plenty of other changes that are coming about real soon that will certainly make it easier for people to check out what’s going on in the sport.


New Displays
New interactive displays are being introduced for people to watch games with. The newest series of virtual reality goggles from Microsoft called the HoloLens is one particular product to look forward to. This can allow a television screen to expand to cover an entire wall or to allow people to bring up new menus showing off different display features. People can use the HoloLens display to get access to different display angles of a game too.


Wearables Are Especially Big
It is estimated by Gartner, Inc. that more than 270 million wearable electronic items will be sold in the next year with smartwatches being among what will generate close to $30 billion in revenue in 2016. Items like the Reebok Checklight will certainly be interesting to see. The Checklight is a device that a player can wear on one’s head to see how hard hits on one’s head might be. This can reveal a red light in the event that the impact on one’s head has gone over a particular threshold, thus requiring a person to need to be taken aside to be checked for safety purposes.


The HealthBox from Under Armour is another appealing product to see. This can review a person’s body weight, body fat percentage and more. The UA Band from the same company can review a person’s heart rate. The UA Record is an app that can also be used to see one’s progress in a workout and to establish unique goals.


Added Tracing Points
RFID technology will be used in shoulder pads in players’ uniforms in NFL games in the future. These trackers from Zebra Technologies will offer full statistics on individual players to see how well people are working out during a game.


Don’t Forget GoPro Cameras
GoPro HD action cameras may also be popular in the future. These may be added to some helmets just like what the National Hockey League has been using. This will give players a new vantage point for a game.


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