5 Interesting Digital Marketing Hacks

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Digital marketing is the way of the future. Not only is it more wide-reaching and effective than traditional marketing mediums, it’s also more cost-effective and a lot easier to implement. Here are 5 Interesting Digital Marketing Hacks you can use to boost your brand’s marketing campaign.


  1. Focus On Evergreen Content

Save time and money and publish evergreen content.


What is evergreen content, you ask? In a nutshell, evergreen content is content that doesn’t get old–it isn’t dependent on news, current events, or trends. It is content that is relevant today and will stay relevant tomorrow.


Instead of hashing out article after article, write something that your customers can read months and even years after it’s been published. Well-thought out content never gets old and can be repurposed and posted multiple times. Always remember, quality beats quantity.


  1. Connect With Influencers

Want to know the fastest way to gain an audience? Partner with someone who already has one.


Influencers are Internet personalities with a large following or fan-base. What they say matters to a lot of people. Collaborating with them gives you the opportunity to tap into and be a part of larger audience.


  1. Use Images And Video

Capture your audience with creative visuals. Images and videos can get up to 650 times more engagement than text.


Instead of focusing on longform text, you can use infographics, flowcharts, graphs, and other visuals to get your point across. Not only does this give you better engagement, it also creates a more lasting impression among your customers.


If you’re unsure how to incorporate visuals to your digital marketing strategy, use test coverage tools to get feedback on their effectiveness and impact.


  1. Develop Solid Customer Retention Strategies

Many companies make the mistake of prioritizing customer acquisition over customer retention. This approach is counterproductive because customer acquisition can be up to 5x more expensive than customer retention. Furthermore, the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% compared to only 5-20% for a new customer.


Also, it might seem counterintuitive but focusing on existing customers actually helps you get new customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, 23% of customers who had a good customer experience told 10 or more people.


Experts say the best way to keep a customer isn’t about fancy service, it’s making things easier and faster for your customers. Remove obstacles and unnecessary elements and get straight to the point. Your customers will more than appreciate fast and efficient service.


Need help with your customer retention strategies? Use open source testing tools to see how people react and respond to your website and content.


  1. Evolve As Often As Possible

In this age of fast technology and constant innovation, trends are fickle. One day, you could be at the top of your game and the next day everything can change. Being successful in the field of digital marketing requires constant innovation and improvement. Keep yourself updated with the latest tools and trends so you can take advantage of them while they last. As the saying goes: keep moving forward!


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