Proven Teamwork Efficiency Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

A few individuals are just a group. To make a team, group members need to be focused on the common goal and together work their way out to achieve it. A person, within a well organized team can accomplish much more than individuals on their own. A well organized team with clear objectives and the right tools can work more efficiently and more effectively.

Here are some strategies which help increase teamwork efficiency:


Set a goal: Once your team has been made they need the sense of purpose.  For a group of people to work as a team, they need to focus on achieving certain goals. All the team members should be acquainted with the project outcomes or a company’s vision and mission. Also, team members should be aware of the long term as well as short term goals.

Leader’s duty: The person who is the first to pursue the goal is the team leader. Having an efficient leader who will set example is vital for any team. A good team leader is the one who gives importance to team goals and is capable of showing direction and arranging that the team members are focused. It is up to the leader to delegate the assignments.

Assigning responsibilities to each team member is as important as ensuring they fulfill them perfectly. Before putting in charge an individual for a task, the team leader must be familiar with the members’ skills and capacities. Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses is about managing your team well.

Team rules: Each company has its own set of rules which should also be followed within a team, but to enhance the sense of belonging and togetherness each team should develop team norms or relationship guidelines together.

It is important for every member of the team to understand its role, position and responsibility as well as the rules within the team.

Conflict resolution

Respect: To collaborate successfully, it is essential to understand and respect others in the team. Mutual respect among team members for each other’s competencies, views and actions will minimize conflicts, ensure smooth functioning and enhance productivity. However, the members of the team may dislike each other, or even disagree on important issues, and argue.

A person in charge: If the conflict occurs, it should be dealt with immediately. A supervisor or authority figure in the office needs to help mediate any issues and help the problem resolving.  Problems should be dealt with maturity and in the best interest of the team. It is up to the team leader to ensure that differences in opinion should not come in the way of the team’s performance.

The right tools

Communication is crucial for teamwork so various communication channels should be provided. To enhance the working competences of your team, provide the right communication tools and project management software. Face to face meetings of all team members take a lot of planning and time to organize so why not use video conferencing or just voice chat for quick meetings?

Business platforms: These days, business platforms are empowered with various communication tools, information managing and storing capacities which make running business far easier. Provide a collaboration platform for your company and arrange training about using it to make sure all the possibilities of the software are being properly used. For example, Tally Fox is a software which provides cloud based collaboration solutions that integrate knowledge, content and project management and has over 10 000 satisfied users.

Choose a type of network, according to your needs and type of work, and make everyone sharing everything even outside office. A business platform does not only ease the communication, but it also provides document sharing, reports and projects storing and the process of updating is fast and easy. Moreover, accessing to all information from a single source eliminates the risk of out-of-date information and duplication. The team has a unique place where all decisions can be made, tracked and updated, by all the members.

These tools are not only beneficial to team members and employees, but efficient tools help an employer to understand the team better, especially how they work, or like to work. A business platform is the most useful technology to run a business and a team. Modern business software provides affordability, flexibility and scalability to workforce, and one should entirely use these advantages to improve productivity and teamwork.


Prize: To best way to motivate employees is setting a prize, for example a monthly bonus. It will stimulate the workers to be as productive, efficient and successful as you need them to be. Employees need to be rewarded for individual performance but it is important to encourage teamwork, as well. May one of the things measured be a person’s engagement within a team beside the sales figures or any product related numbers. A collaboration platform makes it easy for a team leader to monitor a person’s performance and team engagement of a worker.

Team work should be constantly promoted by team building strategies. Supportive environment is the environment in which a worker is supported by his or her team but also by training and education resources available and provided by the company.

The best employee can achieve a lot, but it is the best team who finally wins.

As team members work together, they learn to be authentic and genuine, which increases their effectiveness as well as their skills. They are able to reach agreement faster and communicate more. Teamwork creates higher quality outcomes that are more efficient, thoughtful, and effective, as well as faster.

Individuals benefit from teamwork through mutual support and a great sense of accomplishment.


Author: Damian Wolf is an entrepreneur and a passionate writer from Brisbane. His primary interests are technology and business, especially business collaboration technology and a day-to-day business opportunities. As a marketing specialist, Damian actively participates in several international projects. At the moment, he enjoys working with the TallyFox team the most.


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