The Evolution of Xbox Console Everything You need to Know

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Before the Xbox was released and appeared in 2001, there were many doubts that Microsoft will have a chance to compete in the video game console trading. The company had been a PC vendor and there was no room for their four major consoles.

At the same time, it had to face stiff competition from PlayStation 2, as well as GameCube, during that time.

But, that doesn’t mean the Xbox console brand did not make some significant strides for the past 10 to 15 years. Xbox has been a vibrant pillar of Microsoft business. And, it’s not surprising that they have sold over 100 million consoles.

On that note, let’s walk you down the memory lane as we have a look back at the Microsoft console.

Xbox “Duke” Controller

This controller was launched with a massive system just like some online casino australia game controllers. This was the reason why it got the nickname the Duke. It set a good example for all Xbox players to go and use offset analog sticks. This was actually unusual during that time; it came along with a D-pad. Moreover, it carries a memory card slot and it encompasses a breakaway cable for safety measures.

Xbox 360 Controller

The Xbox 360 controller came with an enhanced and improved feature compared to the Duke controller. It is smaller than the popular Xbox controller S. This version of Xbox also encompasses a D-pad. Moreover, during that time, there were both wireless and wired versions of the controller, and the latter was very popular with PC players because of its USB connection.

The Xbox 360 Elite

On 29 April 2007, Microsoft caught the gaming world by storm. They introduced its top-class and high-end Xbox 360 Elite. This version was sold for $479 back in the days of its debut.

The Xbox Elite was available in black and was well equipped with a massive 120GB hard drive, a built-in Wi-Fi, along with an HDMI output.

With the mentioned versions of Xbox consoles, Xbox console lovers should prepare themselves for a new release coming in November. November 7, Xbox One X will premier to you and all you need is to grab one at an affordable price. At the same time, you can continue playing real money slots games and win real money.


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