Wrong again: What are 404 pages really for?

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Typing in the wrong URL on your browser is a common mistake. It’s something we’re all likely to do at some point, whether it’s at work, at home or on the move while browsing on our smartphone or tablet. If the URL is wrong, then you’re likely to be confronted by the same error message. This page is called an Error 404 page and is surprisingly useful.

These pages are a permanent online fixture, but to look at, they can be a little on the dull side. Simply telling you that the wrong address has been entered in the browser or that the page has had its content deleted isn’t enough for some site owners, who have suddenly decided to be a little creative with their 404 pages, with surprising results.

Helpful and playful

In recent years, memes, cartoons and jokes have become increasingly common on 404 pages. Although in some respects, they might not be as useful, they at least offer a little light relief. Also, from the company’s perspective, these modified pages help to improve their image, showing their more humorous side.

An interesting alternative use for 404 pages saw them become a key tool in the search for a missing teenager. As reported by the Daily Mirror, they can serve a useful purpose in more ways than one. Whether for fun or function, 404 pages are there to be used for whatever comes to mind of a company’s creative team.

Zivity 404

404 zivity






deaxon 404







404 rush68












404 github









Virgin Holidays

404 Virgin



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