Will 2014 be the year the enterprise goes mobile? [Infographic]

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As technology is ever changing, we know it’s often hard to keep up with it at times. Well this is certainly the case in many SME’s. Employees are becoming more interested in accessing corporate data on their own mobile devices. I’m sure many of you reading this have access to work emails on your smartphones whilst on the move. Well ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) is a scheme that encourages employees to access their emails and view txt files on their mobile devices. The aim is to increase productivity and reduce costs.
Why Does BYOD Matter?
These mobile devices are often newer and more advanced than the equipment deployed by many IT departments. It’s hardly surprising that the rapid adoption of lightweight Ultrabooks, iPads and large-screened phones are changing the way that people want to work.
Below we see an example of how Egnyte have demonstrated the advantages of BYOD and how companies can benefit from this.
Infographic provided by Egnyte

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