Why is Wix The Best Website Builder?

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There are dozens of different content management systems out there. Wix is one of them, featuring user friendly interface designed with a smooth drag and drop features that help users to quickly create, update, or delete web content, including photos, videos, and slideshows.

It’s not a secret: Wix flexibility allows users to create custom designs with zero technical knowledge. It’s full range of templates allow personalization of websites as per the user’s specifications. Today, it has a record breaking registered number of users that surpasses 35 million, with almost 1.3 million newly registered accounts every day.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

The intuitive drag ‘n’ drop tool makes Wix incredibly easy to use. The feature assures you that the sample website you will create with its builder is precisely how your site will look like when you host it on the web.

Nobody wants to stick around on the same level of business forever. As your business grows, you may find it necessary to add more features to give it a competitive edge over others. Thankfully, Wix offers many advanced editing tools for free. These tons of intuitive tools will help you manage your entire online business.

Traditionally, businesses would create different websites and platforms to host and manage their daily activities. Tiresome and boring, right?

Well, by using Wix you can integrate all your businesses into one site making it easier to control and manage all the different aspects of it. Some of the best Wix tools are as follows.

G-Suite Mailbox

Custom business emails take your brand to the next level. They further create a professional image for your business that produces a credible and reliable image to your potential and existing customers. They also help to segment different emails which makes it easier to sort and reply to urgent emails.

For instance, you can create an admin@yourbusiness.com mail to help customers talk to you directly, or a sales@yourbusiness.com mail where customers can send requests, opinions, or complaints. This email separation not only directs your customers to the right address, but it also makes it easier for you to filter out and read through emails more efficiently.

The Wix App Market

Applications have been a trend ever since they were introduced. Wix created its app market to help users take the marketing and services of their sites and businesses to the next level. The Wix app market lets you create a professional impression and boost your business branding with almost no effort.

Wix ShoutOut

Wix ShoutOut is an incredible email marketing platform that every business owner should have. It is built with a unique perspective that addresses even the tracking needs of small businesses.

The shout out tool makes it simple to create and customize, send, and share stunning marketing email campaigns with your contact list. It is the best way to increase customer engagement and share your newsletter with your web visitors.

The Wix Myth Buster

You’ve probably heard a lot of rumors about Wix. Some are true, some are not. Check out the following common myths that are false.

1. Keep off from Wix! It’s terrible at search engine optimization.

Ever heard of Google picking one CMS over another? Google crawlers don’t differentiate websites by the website builders. Traditional sites were made from scratch using Javascript, and they are still among the most secure and best performing sites. This means you have a chance of being ranked on the first page just like any other website built by WordPress or other platforms.

2. Wix isn’t mobile friendly.

Today, most people use mobile phones to access web pages. This made Google add cellular responsivity as one of the ways to determine whether web visitors are satisfied with websites, therefore, making the responsivity a necessity to all websites.

Wix developed an algorithm to optimize web pages and sites for mobile search engines. The user can opt to leave out a few items to enable optimal viewing of the website content. The user can not only customize the mobile phone interface, but also see it on the built-in mobile editor before making it live.

3. Product websites built on Wix don’t sell.

Initially, after Wix was developed, this was a significant concern. Today, however, Wix resolved the issue by adding schema.org tags to describe and categorize all the products in your online store and make them viable for SEO. Some of the categories under which the schema.org tags classify the products include, but are not limited to price, availability, product name, etc.

It also designed a more natural way for the users to efficiently set up alt tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions and custom page titles.

Bottom Line

Content is always king. By having relevant information and optimizing your website, viewers like and enjoy coming back for more. This attracts the attention of Google crawlers, which in turn helps your page to be among the top ranked websites.

As mentioned above, search engine crawlers don’t have favorite site builders when it comes to SEO. So, it doesn’t matter if you are less techie, you can still build an excellent website with Wix.


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