Which TV is best for you?

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Most of us need a TV and most of us love our TV. It is something that takes pride and place in the front room. However, we all have our televisions for differing reasons: there are just the general TV watchers, then there are the movie aficionados, the sport nuts and the gamers. There are differing TV’s to suit every taste, below are some of the best.

TV for sport viewing 

LG 55LB7200

This 55 inch television is ideal for anyone wanting to watch sports. This 4k television ticks every box necessitated for perfect sports watching. The IPS panel (screen) gives for the brightest of colours and the best contrasts around. This TV would have been perfect to watch the recent US PGA Tour. It was a rain lashed encounter that would be every bit as challenging for your TV, as it tried to brighten up the dismal weather conditions and create decent contrast out of green and grey, something that the LG 55LB7200 can achieve. Luckily we had Rory McIlroy to help things along. The Northern Irish golfer’s fine form continues as he became the first player to win back to back Majors since Padraig Harrington in 2008. This TV is very much like McIlroy: I.E. the best in the business, if you were to bet on golf you would back McIlroy whilst if you were to bet on picture quality it would be the LG – the way things are going for the two right now it is as if they cannot be beaten, which is a good thing for Team Europe who take on Team America in the Ryder Cup in the not so distance future.

TV for gaming

Samsung UN46H7150

A 46 inch 1080p 3D LED TV is usually enough to saturate even the most ardent of gamers appetite but the UN46H7150 does not only saturate, it wets. This TV follows in the trend of curved televisions and as such has nearly eradicated the side-angle viewing problem. In terms of spec for gamers, it has a quad core processor that allows for the Smart Hub to run extremely smooth, making motion lag a thing of the past. It has phenomenal black levels for an LED TV while its Game Mode is perfect for anyone interested in gaming.

TV for movies

Sony KDL-55W950B Bravia

The flagship of the Sony TV’s the Bravia warrants success and this one, the KDL-55W950B is one that needs honouring. The TV’s use the TRILUMINOUS display and the X-tended Dynamic Range system. Now that may sound like technological jargon to you but in the grand scheme of things both are extremely useful. The TRILUMINOUS display aids colour reproduction giving the TV natural, almost lifelike colours, whilst the Dynamic Range gives the TV a boost in regards to contrasts. With brilliant sound quality as well as fantastic picture quality the KDL-55W950B is ideal for any religious movie fan.

 TV for average watching

Panasonic Viera TX32AS500B

Viera plasma screens have always be near the pinnacle when it comes to TVs. But this is not plasma, Panasonic have moved away from plasma now, rather it is LED but that is not to say it is anything less than grandeur of the products Panosonic have delivered in the past. It is a decent size, has a decent sound system and has, as to be expected with the manufacturers, a really good screen.


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