What’s next for the iPad?

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As phones transition to ‘mini-tablets’, and ‘tablets transition to ‘laptops’, something amazing is happening!

The lines have once again been blurred with yet another Apple product.

As you are all aware of, Apple launched a variety of new devices, one of them being the iPad Pro. How did Apple blur the lines once again? Well, the iPad Pro, to put it simply, is close to a fully powered laptop in a tablet, and this may mean, a massive shift of users from laptops to convenient, light, and fully-functioning iPads. While, once, customers and users knew which device to go to for fun, and which for work, now the decision is not so clear.

From gaming apps to business, from receiving media news to creating videos, iPad has transitioned from a fun and on-the-go device to one with the professionals in mind. Larger than ever, the iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch display with a 2,732 x 2,048 resolution and 5.6 million pixels capacity. Perfect for playing games such as Bingo whilst on the move – look out for free bingo no deposit here.

While many will shout, “what about the Microsoft surface?” Yes, there are various limitations to the iPad Pro, which Microsoft surface provides, and yet, it can be claimed that iPad Pro is everything and more Microsoft surface could have ever been, while other may argue vise versa, but, these are topics for another day.

The iPad pro is thin and light enough, perfect for on the go, yet powerful enough for everyday use, including work. Its A9X processor, a 64-bit chip, allows iPad Pro to run 80% faster than today’s portable PCs. Furthermore, with a weight of 712g, and a battery that can last for 10 hours, this is a professional’s dream come true.

iPad Pros apps are not identical to those found on a laptop, but they sure get the work done, merely via another interface. iOS 9 enables everything multi, including multitasking, and multi-window. The iPad Pro is all about boosting productivity; you can even edit videos and conduct image manipulation. Via the Apple Pencil with Force Touch, and the Smart Keyboard you can even attain close to desktop accuracy and precision.

While, it is not clear whether iPad Pro will overturn the decreasing sales of iPads for Apple, considering the hefty price, one thing is clear, November cannot come any sooner.

If phone are becoming the next ‘mini-iPads’, and iPads are turning into the next ‘laptops’, what is next for laptops? No doubt Apple will disappoint.

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