What are the best gaming monitors out there?

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For PC and laptop gamers the most important component is obviously the graphics card we choose to have in our machines, but without a quality screen to go with it you’re not going to get the best out of your expensive GPU. You need a display that looks sharp, keeps you competitive and has the features you need to make the most of your games, and obviously as with any display size and resolution are key. But what are your options? What gaming monitors stand out amongst the crowd and are the ones you should be looking at, well with a bit of research I’m going to go through a couple now.

First up and it’s been mentioned by a few sites as an amazing gaming monitor is the ASUS Rog Swift why? Simply because it’s lightning quick and has a very high refresh rate even for a gaming monitor. In terms of spec the Swift is the first screen to hit the 2560 x 1440 HD resolution and has a 1ms pixel response with full 144Hz refresh rate, and does this all while sporting NVidia’s G-Sync hardware. The Swift is also 3D ready and offers gaming features such as crosshair aiming, LED lighting effects, and a turbo hotkey to deliver you the smoothest experience.

When it comes to design its 2.5-inch-thick and has matte-black bezels on the front and V-shaped air vents on the back. Furthermore supported by a wedge-shaped base it has a mounting arm with a sliding hinge that offers 4.7 inches of height adjustment, 37 degrees of tilt adjustment, and a 90-degree pivot range for viewing in Portrait mode. In all the ASUS Swift is close to being the perfect gaming display thanks to the sheer amount of tech it has shoved into its slim chassis, but with that means a hefty price of around £600 but I think it’s worth the price tag.

Next on my list of gaming monitors you should be looking at is the Acer XB280HK, the first gaming monitor to offer an Ultra-High-Definition display. Equipped with NVidia’s G-Sync display synchronization technology the Acer delivers an extremely smooth gaming experience due to its 28 inch screen and rich detailed 3,840-by-2,160 resolution image. Furthermore the Acer has a 1ms response time and comes with a four-port USB 3.0 hub which is definitely handy, but unfortunately there’s only a single display 1.2 video input to connect your devices, which will be a pain to some.

But what about design? Gamer’s defiantly care about how there equipment looks and they will be impressed with the Acer as isn’t flashy and in your face, its sleek and overall a great looking monitor. With 0.6 thin glossy black bezels, a 2.5-inch matte-black cabinet and a non-reflective screen the Acer looks the part and with a fully supported adjustable stand that gives you height, tilt and pivot manoeuvrability you’ll get an excellent gaming experience. In terms of price the Acer is similar to the ASUS Rog and is around the £550-£600 range depending on who you go to, but again for the quality of spec you’re getting with 4K Imagery it’s worth the price. Check out Gear For Gaming for a full range of gaming monitors.

The final gaming monitor I’m going to talk about is the cheapest but that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful as it joins the growing list of gaming monitors that use NVidia’s G-Sync technology. The monitor in question is the Philips Brilliance 272G5DYEB which provides the smoothest and fastest gaming experience ever, as it eliminates tearing and stuttering. Equipped with a 27-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate the Philips delivers a silky smooth gaming experience, with bold colours and deep blacks. Furthermore like the Acer it has a four port USB hub which again is useful, and with a   maximum resolution of 1,920-by-1,080 it’s has the capabilities to meet your gaming needs.

In terms of design the Philips Brilliance definitely stands out amongst its competitors as it looks fantastic with its matte-black cabinet, 0.75 inch bezels and matching stand.  When it comes to price as I said it’s the cheapest with a price tag of around £500 and when you consider what you’re getting for that in terms of spec you’ll understand why it’s in this list.

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