Web Optimization: More Than Just SEO

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Many web owners will instantly think about search engine optimization or SEO when talking about web optimization in general. As a way to market your site, SEO is indeed very effective. However, optimizing your site for maximum SEO performance is more than just adding keywords and creating an SEO-friendly header. There are a few simple optimization tips you can apply in order to have your site fully optimized.

Cleaner Code and Styles

Although there are plenty of tools that can help you scan your HTML and CSS codes for unused lines. By removing these seemingly unimportant lines, you can actually speed up the load time of your site by as much as 80%.

Faster load time means two things: happier visitors and better SEO performance. Visitors now have a very short attention span, so having your site loading quickly will help keep them happy. On the other hand, crawlers will be able to index your content optimally without having to go through lines of unused codes.

It is also a good idea to minimize your JavaScript and CSS codes. By removing empty spaces and comments on the released codes, you can speed up your site’s loading time even further. Meanwhile, you can keep a backup of the original, fully-commented code for future editing and updates.

Optimize Images and Design Elements

It is also necessary to keep your images and design elements optimized. By optimizing images, you can reduce your site’s loading time even further. PNGs are perhaps the easiest to optimize, particularly since there are now software and tools that can help you reduce the size of PNG images by up to 50%. It is even possible to convert them into pure HTML + CSS for better overall performance.

Adding ALT tags to images and design elements is a must. Crawlers can’t really understand your images and ALT tags can help overcome this issue. Add a short description – just a couple of words is enough – to the images your site is displaying in order to keep the site as optimized as possible.

Consult Experts for More Optimization

Sometimes, you need a third-party help in order to optimize your site even further. There are plenty of SEO and site optimization service providers in Canada, and you can easily visit website for more info.

Having a third-party, particularly an expert, review your site will help you gain insights that you wouldn’t be able to gather yourself. This is simply because the expert is seeing your site as a user, not as a developer. A lot of great benefits can be gained from hiring an SEO or site optimization expert to help you, including:

  • Targeted SEO campaigns that will help you gain visitors from relevant keywords.
  • Detailed measurement and performance reporting, perfect for future evaluations of your site.
  • Design improvements that will help increase not only the traffic of your site, but also its conversion rate and overall effectiveness.

All you have to do to enjoy these benefits is get started with optimizing your site right away.


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