Washington DC Sports Betting App delayed to March

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The Washington DC lottery has highlighted the sports betting app aimed to come out in January has been delayed. That means the app will find its way to your mobile devices in March. The regulatory met with applicant along with other prospective sports betting operators.

Some of these operators have not yet submitted their applications yet. But their presence was to be in knowhow for any new development regarding sports betting.

The app to place bets on different sports is scheduled to take-off in Washington DC in March. The only sportsbook license that might be released involves UK bookmakers William Hill. The bookmakers are aiming to operate at Capital One Arena.

Lawmakers to Suspend Procurement Rules

The legislation that has been put in place for sports betting in Districts permits resident and visitors to place bets at stores as well as gambling kiosks, arena, licensed restaurant as well as bars.

Unfortunately, this program has kicked off on a slow start. It has actually take time to launch. This is simply because of litigation and disagreement over the city’s handling of sports betting laws.

The officials were hoping that the program will launch in September during the start of the NFL season. Therefore, they went on and pushed the sports betting lawmakers to suspend the procurement rules as well as award a no-bid contract to Greek Gaming giant Intralot so that they can take over the mobile betting.

The Washington DC is also facing a lawsuit over the non-bid contract. And the judge went on and blocked the city from moving forward.

With the ongoing debate on Washington DC betting app. You can still take this time to visit the best online casino (also known as casinos en ligne in French) of your choice.

It’s never too late to play and win. All you can simply do is to make sure that you have an adequate bankroll in place. This is because a bankroll will allow you to practice responsible gambling.


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