How Wannacry Affected Real Money Gaming

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With more than 200,000 computers affected globally by the ransomware that hit the world there is no way that online casino gaming was left untouched. In fact very few sectors of the online gaming industry were left unscathed. But the online gambling industry is one of the most protected sections of the gaming world. This is because of the strict licensing requirements that are imposed on the casinos. And the loss of confidence by users will result in the immediate death of the casino. As such the top online casinos use only state of the art protection systems. Systems that are constantly upgraded.

However, there are several real money players that ended up using some of the proceeds from real money gambling to pay the ransom. Although this is money that they could afford to pay because it was not part of any cash flow it is bad that players had to be forced to use their gaming funds.

The difference is in how real money gamblers were effectively cushioned against the demands because they had money on the side. Most online casinos accept the use of Bitcoins. Which is the currency that the cyber criminals were demanding. Online casinos prefer Bitcoins as payment as a payment method because of the casinos’ nature. Both the casinos and the currency operate in cyberspace and hence they have to complement each other.

The Positive Effect Of The Cyber Attack

Several illegal online casinos that were operating using below par systems where crushed by the ransomware. Visit top aus online casinos for legal online casinos. These are the same casinos that are associated with refusing to pay players their winnings. After the player has won and requests a payout the casino will sight some obscure condition that prevents them from paying out. Because the casinos are not regulated in any jurisdiction there are is no one for the players to report to.


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