Using Twitter to get the most out of your business

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Twitter is one of the most exciting and revolutionary communication media to hit us in the 21st Century. Micro-blogging really has taken the world by storm with an well supported frequent use of the platform by a lot of high profile celebrities. Twitter can certainly be utilised for promoting your business and is an expense free way of connecting with your community and essentially gain new business. This is especially important now that the majority of households use the internet compared to that of ten years ago.

There are several ways to utilise Twitter to your advantage fort your business. Twitter is not simply a way of promoting your message or self-importance, it is a way of engaging as brand to your customers. Read what customers are saying about your business and engage with them to show interest in their feedback and opinions.

It is important when using twitter that you have brand awareness in mind, that you are consistent throughout all online distribution channels (by this I mean not just the tone of what you say, but your brand identity etc..) Twitter is used for relationship marketing, it is important that your potential custom are familiar with your brand or message, so make sure that you utilise the photo and bio to promote your brand image and message. It is important that in the bio section of your account, you include a website address as not only does it add to the authority of your company, it also offers a quick and easy way of people accessing your homepage to read more about who your business is and what you have to offer.

In regards to the tweets that you are going to write, there are some general guidelines. Remember that everything you write is ‘on-brand’ so it is going to have an impact on how the company is perceived and this can be both positive and negative (bare in mind that each tweet you send out is public to users so think carefully about what you write and what hashtags you use. BE polite, AVOID posting anything politically or religiously opinionated (as a general rule) and RESPECT others feelings and opinions when replying to tweets. It is best to adopt a style of tweeting that portrays your business to be knowledgeable and helpful in your particular industry.

Finally, have fun and be creative, Twitter is a wonderful resource to engage your industry in who you are and what you do. Sell yourself as a business that is an authority in your chosen field (this way not only are you perceived as a trustworthy business to work with, but your followers will increase making it easier to directly communicate with the type of people you want to target)

Happy Tweeting!!


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