Using Gambling Strategies To Win At Life

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Watching stars like Dustin Hoffman and Daniel Craig ace it in Casinos can be fantastic on the big screen. The glitz, the glamour and success certainly seems appealing from the comfort of your own home, but how do you apply those wins to your own life without having to travel to Monte Carlo or Las Vegas? We apply some of the most tried and tested hints, tips and techniques from the gambling world to real life to see if they truly translate away from the betting table.  

Poker Face

Your poker face at the table can make or break you as a player. The ability to read a person’s face can completely change the dynamics of a game, as it becomes very easy to tell whether they’re bluffing or not. A new or unskilled player might glance away or dilate their pupils when they’re bluffing. When a player learns to control the stress that comes with bluffing, these signals become easier to control. This shows just how important body language is in social situations, as an entire game or moment can go south if a person either misreads body language or gives too much away. Be sure to understand that how people perceive you is about 90% of an introduction, for instance, when meeting important people in a business scenario or a job interview, if a party perceives you as either nervous or rude, it’s very difficult to change that opinion. Keeping your head up, eyes forward and shoulders back gives off an appearance of cool, calm confidence without seeming to be too cocky. Natural confidence impresses people instantly, even if they don’t realise it, always be sure to remember this.

Hedging your bets

To “Hedge one’s bets” is to protect yourself against loss, by supporting more than one possible result or both sides in a scenario. To avoid committing yourself completely to one option in a gambling scenario, you would bet on two possible outcomes rather than one, so that if one option fails, or loses, there is the possibility of winning with a second. This can be applied to many situations in real life, as a metaphor for always having a plan B. For instance, if you were to start a new business without a backup plan, if the new venture were to fail, you would be left empty handed and possibly in financial trouble. Before starting a new business, think about maybe hanging onto your current employment position to guarantee that you have a steady stream of income coming in, and a safety net if any issues with the new business were to arise.

Card Counting

Card Counting, sometimes called card reading, is a technique that is often used by blackjack players in order to determine whether the next hand that will be given out will have an advantage to the player or to the dealer. This can be quite simply translated outside of the cards scenario as “Reading the room”. If somebody is told to read the room, it usually implies that the manner in which they’re communicating or acting, whether it be verbally or physically, doesn’t match the tone of the scenario. Counting cards would help a player understand what the next appropriate move would be in a cards game, and reading the room would help a player understand what the next appropriate move would be in a social situation.  For instance, acting loud and abrasive in a quiet, solemn environment would mean somebody would need to read the room to understand how they should continue to act.

Calculated Risks

Every gamble you will ever take in life is a risk of varying degrees. Whether its penny slots, a huge poker bet or a new job, there are always positives and negatives to every cross roads opportunity in life. A life without risks seems like a simple one, no danger, no stress, but also, no opportunities. Most successful people you ask will tell you that they failed a hundred times before they succeeded, but they never would’ve succeeded without failing, which means you have to take risks if you want to move forward. Always study the pros and cons of any situation and figure out which end of the scale outweighs the other. Your gut instinct is usually a fairly clear indicator of what your real decision is, think about what you’d rather live with, failure or regret?


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