The Top Ten Things in Tech You Need to Know Today

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Do you love technology? Do you love to keep up with the latest technology trends? Whether you want to play online games with find age of gods free spins, or want to know what the specs of the new iPhone would be, here is your roundup of all the important tech stuff that’s happening around you now. 

#1. Good news for Tesla drivers. 

Tesla is looking to add a fun layer to its next model of cars. According to Elon Musk, drivers will be able to replace their horn sounds with either fart or goat sounds. 

 #2. Pokemon takes over mental health

According to Dr. Casey Sepah, who is a psychologist, a San Francisco predicts that apps will take over mental healthcare. The apps will be more accessible than traditional psychological therapies. Moreover, they will look like SuperBetter and Pokémon Go. 

#3. Android 9 news. 

Google has announced that all devices must have their parental control and well being if they are to continue using Google apps. Therefore it is upon manufacturers to ensure that these apps are available.  

#4. Apple’s Watch new feature. 

In a leaked screenshot by the Verge, Apple users have gotten a sneak look into the next feature. The Sleep app will let you check your sleep pattern. Then the alarm will go off at the best time based on your sleep pattern.  

#5. Microsoft’s controversial Research. 

Microsoft has been conducting A.I Research in China, which has attracted a lot of reactions. Critics predict that this could be potentially put the US in the risk of cybersecurity. However, Microsoft has refuted these claims.  

#6. Hkmap app by Apple stirs controversy. 

Hkmap app Live is available in Hong Kong despite the company denying these allegations. The app helps its users to avoid the police in areas where there are protests.   

#7. Catalina Update. 

Apple announced the Catalina update for its Macbook, Pro Book, and iMac devices. For instance, the Sidecap feature will let iPad users use it as a second screen. 

#8. Instagram discontinues the Following Activity Tab. 

If you are tired of people stalking your Instagram activity, then you are in luck. This tab has been removed from the platform to protects users’ activity. 

#9. Uber woes. 

Uber shares have significantly reduced by 30% over the past couple of years. Softbank founder Masayoshi Son who invested in WeWorks and Uber, says that he has lost investments in the two companies. 

#10. Blizzard bans a player from esports games. 

Chung Ng Sai, better known as Blitzchung, was banned from esports by Blizzard. This came after he voiced his support for Hong Kong protesters during an interview. 


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