The Top Reasons Instant Messaging Is Critical in Business Communication

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Businesses need the right communication tools to succeed. Sure, you can spend your time alone reading books or playing online with a genting casino promotional code, but when it comes to the workplace, you know time management is important.

Without the right tools for communication, you lose out on employee productivity. THe one tool that most businesses cannot do without – Instant Messaging. 

What is Messaging (BIM)?

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of technology that provides a real-time chat between people. IM will take place between two people in a private chat room. Also, it is expected to mimic real-life conversations. 

 IM has become a critical tool in business communication. Businesses can have real-time chats with their clients. Over the last couple of years, IM has advanced, and now a company can customize conversations. A lot of entrepreneurs are taking up IM. It is estimated that by the year 2023, there will be eight billion IM accounts. 

Why should you use IM in business communication?

If you are still not convinced about using IM in your workplace, then here are five solid reasons to convince you. 

#1. Reduce costs. 

If you think about it, IM is cost-effective. You can communicate with clients and fellow employees in real-time.  Large companies that need to travel constantly can communicate via IM thus saving money.  Also, your workmates can conduct meetings online and present documents. IM can save up to 30% of a company’s expenditure. 

#2. Better Customer service.

IM allows the business to provide real-time customer service. For instance, if a customer needs a problem sorted by a senior employee, a fellow employee can access feedback online without leaving their place.  Also, this helps to reduce time. 

#3. Fewer interruptions. 

IM helps to reduce the gaps which are found in other messaging tools such as email and face to face conversations. Workmates can be able to talk to each other without abandoning their tasks. 

#4. Improving communication. 

IM improves communication since messages appear actively. Therefore employees can actively keep in touch with each other. 

#5. IM is quick.  

IM can come handy when other messaging tools are down. You can get essential data fast since chats are in real-time. Also, you can send huge files of data at a go. 

Is your business using IM the right way? What collaboration tools are you using? Let us know below. 


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