The Top 5 Incredible Gaming Technologies in 2019

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The gaming industry has never been bigger than it has been in 2019. Players crave the thrill that comes from live streams, multi-player media and the enhanced graphics that can turn a VR game from alright to awesome. The sort of games that come out nowadays are visually stunning, have amazing plots, control systems and are ultimately just great to watch or play. If your Playstation 4 or Xbox Live is starting to get done, why not try out some of these amazing gaming technologies instead? You won’t be disappointed!

Wireless Virtual Reality

Now, Virtual Reality has been out for quite some time. Wearing a VR headset can truly place you within the body of your character and help you enjoy the game. There have been so many VR games made, some that are “artsy”, others that are comedic and some that are designed to be immersive, that you will be practically spoiled for choice. However, technology has moved on and standalone VR, such as the Google Daydream (powered by Mirage Sol and Oculus Go), have allowed for a fully wireless experience. If you charge up this wireless headset, not only can you experience pure 360° freedom to move where you want, but your device will fully track where you are going. It will also mean that your headset can be taken on holidays or trips where you can play games without the need for a games device.

Augmented Reality

So, you probably remember the craze of Pokémon Go and how it managed to get a ton of players out of their house, and out with their phone trying to find rare pokémon. Well, this is an example of augmented reality. VR is one thing but augmented reality brings the game into the real world.

A great way to show what this means is to look at Pokémon Go again. Not only does this game track the trainer’s location, but it uses it specifically to place gyms around the area and also have pokemon in different spots. Augmented reality technology is also used during the pokemon’s capture phase, where the user turns on their phone’s camera to view the pokemon and throw Pokéballs at it.

Augmented reality technology allows the game to move from a confined space into the real world. No longer does your game need to be confined to a TV or a computer. Instead, it can come with you on any sort of commute or journey and add a little bit more virtual spice to your daily life. This sort of gaming is a great way of getting you out and about. You could literally be smack bang in the middle of Singapore, trying to book an escort in Singapore for a date, and suddenly get the urge to play, and play you certainly can. You can play it any time, anywhere, just as long as you have power on your phone. Latest ones you should try? “Wizards Unite” and “Zombie Run.”

Gesture Control

Whilst this is just a small addition to virtual reality gaming, it can really add a new exciting twist to your experience. Gesture control means that you can get rid of your controller


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