Tired Of Being Passed Over for a Promotion in the Data Sciences Field – How You Can Get That Competitive Edge

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It can be very frustrated to work in a job for a fair amount of time, giving it your all, and making sure you always perform to the best of your abilities, only to be continually passed up for a promotion. While some may just give up hope of ever being promoted, it may just be that you’re going about things the wrong way. Here are some tips you can use that will give you that competitive edge at work and help you to finally land that much deserved promotion.

Consider Expanding Your Skills

Even though you may be a hard worker and do well at your job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the skills necessary to move up that career ladder. It could be that you need to expand your skills further by going back to school. When it comes to the field of data sciences, the masters of library science online program through Rutgers Online could be exactly what you need for that competitive edge.

The online library science degree offers four different lines of concentrations, one of which is data science. The focus of this program is to learn how to maximize the potential that communication and information technology offers so you can apply that in a work setting. It’s exactly the kind of foundation that employers are looking for when considering people for those higher level positions.

Go Above and Beyond Your Job Description

One of the keys to getting noticed is to go above and beyond your job description. Simply doing the bare minimum that your position requires is never going to be enough for you to stand out. Sure, you won’t get paid extra when you go above and beyond, but it’s about working towards a goal – which is a promotion in this case. You want your employer to think of you as capable, willing to do what you can for the company to succeed and that you make a real difference in the business.

Put in the Extra Hours

This tip goes hand-in-hand with going above and beyond. If you’re the person that jets out of the building right on time at the end of the workday, then don’t expect to stand out. Offering to stay late to finish up an important task or put in extra hours on a big project is the kind of thing that stands out in an employer’s mind.

Create Strong Working Relationships with Co-Workers

It’s very easy to show up each day, do your job without really chatting with others, and then go home. You can still be very effective in your job with this approach, but then don’t expect your name to be tossed around when it comes to promotion. Creating strong working relationships with your co-workers will help to create a positive image.

Make sure you are friendly, are a positive influence in the company, are willing to help out others, and be that team player.

A Promotion is Just Around the Corner

By using these tips there is no doubt that a promotion will be just around the corner for you.


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