How Is The Mobile Experience With The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

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The very first thing that you are going to notice when you take a look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the sexy design. We are faced with quite a stunning smartphone and you will appreciate all that is offered. However, what you are really interested in is the overall mobile experience.

You can use the S6 Edge to get perfectly natural sounding calls thanks to the use of HD voice, which is offered by different carriers, especially with 4G. You can easily make video calls with ease as you make voice calls even through WiFi. Receive and make calls with ease while you surf the web, download files and even use an app thanks to Simultaneous Data and Voice.

On the whole, the smartphone delivers an enhanced mobile experience thanks to many different apps that can be used and the improvements done to the features that the S6 already offered. Obviously, the very first thing that you are going to notice is the double edged curved display. It allows you to get a wider view and you will get notifications delivered on the side of the device for proper viewing.

The main thing that you will appreciate with the Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge is that it is eye catching. You will be able to choose out of different storage capabilities, with the 64 GB being the most popular. Obviously, you will be able to use all the apps in the Google Play store and it is a guarantee that you will enjoy taking pictures because of the wider angle that is delivered in every single shot.

You will definitely appreciate the mobile experience but whether or not you are willing to make the payment is a different thing. The truth is that we are faced with a device that is quite expensive. Some will want to wait until getting the new version but if that is not your case and you can afford the price tag, which is around $100 more expensive than the regular S6.


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