The Apple Watch: is it worth the money?

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The latest Apple technology that has everyone talking is the Apple Watch. With a launch date set for April 24th, we have been given huge teasers about what we can expect if we invest in the product.

But there’s one question that’s seemingly on everyone’s lips: Is the Apple Watch worth the money?

This blog is going to explore the features you can expect to find if you purchase the Apple Watch, and where we feel it has exceeded/fallen short of expectations. Then we’ll answer the question with a nod to both sides of the argument

So read on if you’re debating whether to purchase an Apple Watch, before coming to your own conclusion as to if it’s the watch for you.

How much does the Apple Watch cost?

The first thing we need to take into consideration in this debate is the actual price of the product. Apple have announced that prices will be starting from £299 for the cheapest version of the model, which is the aluminium sports edition.

This edition is 38mm in size, yet if you want the bigger 42mm version of the watch, then you can expect to pay around £339.

There are a variety of other versions of the watch which see various prices including £479 and £949 depending on which option you chose to invest in. But it’s a large amount of money – no matter which version you go for. Especially if you opt for the Gold edition, which has prices that reach a monumental £13,500 pounds.


How many versions of the Apple Watch are being released?

You probably won’t be surprised to find that the answer to this question isn’t just ‘one’. In fact, Apple have decided to release three versions of the watch. These are as follows:

● Apple Watch
● Apple Watch Sports
● Apple Watch Edition

Each of these watches come with differing features dependent on the model you go for, but they all fundamentally do the same thing. They provide access to apps, let you tell the time (of course) and are also a great way of connecting your phone to your watch.

But more on that in the next section, where we’re going to discuss the types of features you can expect to find on these watches when they hit the stores in late April.


What features can I expect to find on the Apple Watch?

With the birth of the Apple Watch, the software specialists at Apple have built a brand new operating system. This is because there was a need to rethink the iOS operating system so it was usable on a small watch interface.

The software comes with a new look, and the apps you’re used to as square are circular on the Apple Watch. This is in an attempt to save space on the watch face.

Another exciting feature of the Apple Watch is the use of the crown located on the side. By turning the crown, you can zoom in and out on the screen – which is incredibly useful because the screen on the watch is rather small.

Furthermore, tapping directly on top of the crown acts as a ‘return to homepage’ button, and will make your watch go back to the app icons.

The Apple Watch also has some unique features. For example, if you have an incoming message, the watch will alert you by tapping your wrist. You can also do other unique things such as sending someone else your heart beat.

It’s also great for the fitness enthusiasts out there, and provides a way to track exercise and helps you to keep track of your daily goals.


Are there any limitations to the Apple Watch?

However, despite all the great features, there are some limitations to the Apple Watch.

The watch syncs with your iPhone and uses this as a way to inform you about new emails and more. This is great on the surface, but if you have a smartphone that isn’t from the Apple brand, the amount of functions you can perform with your watch suddenly becomes a lot more limited.

Furthermore, the watch is good for tracking your exercise activity goals, but it doesn’t do anything more than regular exercise wrist bands such as Fitbit. There were early tests for apps that tracked things such as stress levels, but these never made the final cut – which we feel was a great shame.

It’s also worth discussing the fact that Apple have had to create a new operating system in order to be compatible with the watch format as we mentioned earlier. However, you must consider that this could also potentially be limiting to watch users, as app developers will need to provide new apps that are compatible with the system.

This costs time and money, and until the watch proves to sell, we imagine that not many developers will want to throw the capital at it. Yet this works both ways. Why would consumers by a watch with limited apps? It’s a vicious cycle.

So is the Apple Watch actually worth the money?

We’ve discussed a few of the key features, and also thought about the limitations that come with the new Apple Watch, and we have to say, we have somewhat mixed feelings about whether it’s worth the money.

On one hand, the watch is great if you are already fond of Apple products and have the iPhone. Yet we can’t help but pay attention to the fact that isn’t compatible with other smartphones.

This, combined with the fact that apps may possibly be limited at first, makes us wonder whether it’s best to buy your time before investing in the Apple Watch.

It may be worth the money – eventually – but we need convincing just a little bit more before we invest in a £13,500 product. We have a feeling you might too.

This blog was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of itrentals, the equipment hire specialists for exhibition and event solutions.


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