How technology is revolutionising the online gaming industry

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The online gaming industry if fast changing its face and most of us are not even realising it. This is because most of us are still revelling in developments of yesterday totalling oblivious of the developments of today. While the mobile tech revolution in the gaming industry is still a thing to be happy about, there are already some other tech developments which are totally changing the online gaming industry. These tech developments can be found both with the online casino software and also with the casino games being offered at various casinos including

Facial Recognition

Online casino software developers are working long and hard to make facial recognition a key feature in the online gaming industry. Software developers want facial recognition to be used in creating avatars that help ease the challenge of verifying oneself at an online casino either when logging in to an account and entering live tournaments. Once everything has been sorted out, this is likely to revolutionise the online gaming industry. In a lot of ways, facial recognition will help curb cheating at online casinos, detect cheats, stop gambling addicts from playing games and stop the problem of multiple registrations at a single casino.

Voice Recognition

In addition to facial recognition, another feature that could soon be part of the online gaming industry is voice recognition. Voice recognition entails the use of a computer analysed voice for commanding different prompts at an online casino. Currently, online casino software developers are exploring the idea of having voice recognition being used in controlling a game. Once perfected, a player will be able to use voice recognition in completing all the actions s/he used to do with the hands. This is to say you will be able to start the game by talking to your device, select game modes, control the characters in a game and do any other thing you may want by just using your voice. Though voice recognition is likely to be used in controlling games at first, it’s also possible that in future voice recognition will be used in doing the tasks that facial recognition is doing now i.e. you will likely be able to log in to your casino account by simply talking to your device.

Cloud Gaming 

Most casino games/apps require the player to download first before playing the games. This is an arduous task that’s also expensive for people who do not have high-speed internet connectivity to download casino games/apps. However, thanks to cloud gaming, players no longer need to trouble themselves with downloading casino games/apps as they can simply play games without downloading.

Gesture Recognition

Several land-based casinos are already exploring gesture recognition and soon online casino software developers will be rolling out games that players can play in their homes using gestures. Gesture recognition makes gaming more interactive, realistic and thrilling. Playing games especially video games and other card and table games will be much more entertaining as players will feel like they are actually part of the action.


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