Tech trends 2019: The end of truth as we know it?

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Technology is changing. Such a small insignificant sentence to tell you that life and the surroundings as you know it will no longer be the same this new calendar year onwards. Data is going to be the most significant source of change, information, and power for the tech giants this year.

And while this is no big surprise, 2019 will see new technologies blooming in the form of voice-controlled speakers and sensors to smarter cars and better health gear all related to and because of the amount of data we generate daily on the internet. For instance, you may love playing online games with a 888 Ladies bingo promo code, but did you know that many of these games use artificial intelligence too?

The Top Tech Trends You Need to Take a Note Of

Artificial intelligence or AI is going to lead the pack, and the mode of cloud computing will help us analyze and store and apply the data that is generated by us, the users.

And while Artificial Intelligence is a good thing, in the longer run, there are vast amounts of consequences to it. Fake news is becoming quite rampant and is quite the menace world over. Not only that, there is a legit chance of counterfeit porn videos that use the face overlay technology to manipulate people. And though this trend has not caught up yet, there is a genuine threat of it happening to us.

There are also dangers to the financial sector if technology, especially if AI technology takes over. Moreover, the wrong usage of artificial intelligence can lead to extreme problems with cybersecurity which in turn can harm the national security of a country. AI insulated malware might be used by hackers to hack into security websites where they will be able to access hundred percent of the data at random whenever they might need it.

The Things to Take Note Of

However, not all is doom and gloom as we have been gaining leaps and bounds on the health sector thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will be used as part of the treatment, diagnosis, and care of at nearly every patient who comes in for a medical condition. AI might also help in earlier detection of diseases and therefore, also help save countless lives.

This year will also be the year of stricter regulation on data and privacy following the Facebook scandal where the personal data of the users were leaked and released to companies for monetary gains and benefits. And stricter rules and their enforcement is definitely the need of the hour.

Therefore, while there are both good and bad sides to the coin, what is essential to understand and realize is that generation of data in itself is not a bad thing. It is how we plan on using the data that makes all the difference. What do you think will make a difference in tech this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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