Taking advantage of credit card pooling

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If you didn’t already know, every credit card reward point matters. You can actually save on travel by maximising your rewards points. That means you will be able to save on things such as hotel stays and air tickets. Few people know about the advantages of credit card pooling. In this post, we discuss all credit card pooling.

What is credit card pooling?

This is the process of combining your rewards points from one card with another card. You can also combine your points with another reward program. For example, you can combine your spouse’s rewards points with yours in order to get a bigger point balance. However, you will need to find out if the card allows this option first before you apply for it. Also, you must find out the costs that are involved when pulling points together as some cards have higher charges. The whole process should be as smooth as funding your American online casinos account and withdrawing your winnings.

How to pool credit card points

One of the easiest and quickest ways to pool credit card points with family is through referral points. Many credit card companies offer huge point incentives when you open a card. A huge plus is when the card offers some referral points. That way, you can refer your wife or other family members to open the card as well. That means they will also receive points for opening the cards. At the end of the day, you combine all those points into a huge chunk of points.

The best programs for pooling points

Remember, not all cards are created equal. That means you will really have to do your research before you open a new card. You will need to find out the best programs for transferring points. Make sure you choose a card company that inexpensive to transfer points. You can also use those points for online betting. There are also some hotels that actually make the whole process of transferring points quite painless and inexpensive for you. Make sure you find these out as well.


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