How to Set up a Media Room

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“A media room is more than just a TV slapped on the wall and speakers have strewn randomly about your den”. HGTV

All of us keen to have a room which is fully furnished and give us a sight of a theater. But when it comes to constructing it, we must have the following some points from the very beginnings,

  • Leave the enough earth where it can be constructed
  • Once it is built up plan a proper underground wiring
  • pay due attention towards the ceiling of this room

Although sounding gadgets and LED are also the important factors while we deal with the setting up cinematic appearances but above mentioned are some before keeping in view things.

Our motive of this article is pretty obvious and that is after going through this write-up, one would be able enough to enjoy the homemade cinema.

Leave Enough Place to Give a Room a Shape of a Cinema

The most judgmental step is to plan that how much vacuum is required so that furniture, LED, Sounding gadgets can be positioned by still having some space inside.  Once we are done with the planning, ask the builder to start by handing him over with the proper instructions to avoid any sort of inconveniences.

And believe it or not, with this much effort we will be able to have a well-established media room in the corner of our home.

Underground Wiring

When you are done with the fabrication, contact to the electrician and tell him how you would be comfortable with the underground wiring. It is your duty to deliver him that these are the places where you are wanted to have sockets. And also brief him that you are not willing to see the tangling wires all over the room.

Once the electrician has freed him up from his job, go and check all the sockets and configure whether those are working and patched on the right wall or not. If you are now happy with the job, pay electrician’s dues and ahead to the next level.


Now you are entered to the level which will adjust your room’s temperature. And, yes, the ceiling gives your apartment’s room a beautiful appearance when you look up on the roof. But besides all of this, the ceiling is important because it seems annoying when you are spotted in a place which has an ugly roof and another plus view you must have in your mind is, it seals the outer noise to very much extent.

I would suggest going to the fiberglass panels ceiling because whenever you visit the cinema you will experience the roofing is of such pre-mentioned material.

LED fixation

First of all, you must decide where you are gonna slap your LED on the wall so that when you will set your furniture, later on, the view can be perfectly perfect for all the viewers.

And, the LED is the magic and game settling part of a cinematic transaction. Now don’t ever afford a LED which is not supported with HD or Blue-ray videos.
When you go out to shop a LED, keep following companies in your mind because these are very much among some quality producing LEDs.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Orient

These are the best-known companies in the world of developing Liquid Crystal Diodes (LED).

Put your specifications in front of the dealer and find your desired display gadgets. Then plug it into the electric socket to check whether it is working or not. Otherwise, you may claim its warranty.

If you want to purchase it from the trusted source then eBay and Amazon provide you with an opportunity to claim the gadget if it is not working correctly. But there is some time period you must follow on.

Sounding Gadgets

We have reached the stage where almost is done with the establishment of a media room. The sounding gadgets are the gadgets without which you may not experience the glimpse of a theatrical room.

I have some benchmarks regarding Hi-Fi speakers for your room and these are Tannoy HTS-101 XP and Zali Zensor 15.1. These speakers will give you clarity in the voice during listening to songs or watching movies.

But if you want to enjoy the music on your laptop while others are watching a movie then you can also have your own headphones, here you can find the recommended list of best cheap headphones from


Now when everything is at the right place, go and buy furniture, set them into the room in such a way that everything seems as if it is exactly at the place where it should be.

The bed and the sofas must be tackled in such a way that every member of your family can have a crystal clear view of the LED.


The lighting adds a comprehensive addition to the look of a cinema. Plan them on the roof in such a way that some light can be manually dimmed and some can give HD view inside the room.


We tried hard to list out all the points which you may face while setting up a media room. Feedback us with your precious opinions in the below comment section.


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