The Right Way to Plan Your Search: 5 Goal Setting Principles for Job Seekers

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If you’re on the hunt for a new job, then you want to give yourself the best chance possible to get one. That means that you shouldn’t just throw yourself into the search without a coherent plan. It’s best if you can take some time beforehand to map out each phase of the journey, and the best place to begin is by updating your resume.

Update Your Resume to Emphasize Your Strengths 

Take a look at your work history. If you don’t have complete confidence in your resume writing skills you can use a resume builder from LiveCareer. You want to eliminate anything from the resume that is extraneous, and you want to emphasize your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Know that you are going to have to account for any gaps in your work history, so be prepared for that question. If you don’t feel confident in your resume writing skills, then you can always contact a professional for an assist, or if you have a relative who is good in this area, they will probably do it for you for free.

Speak to Your References

Before you begin the job hunt, contact your references and let them know that they might be receiving phone calls from your potential employers. You can give them a little pep talk and tell them how appreciative you are that they are doing this for you. You should let them know anything about your work history or personality that you want to be emphasized.

Don’t Hesitate to Apply for Long-Shot Jobs

If it is evident from a job description that you are not qualified for the position, then you shouldn’t waste your time applying. However, if you have some of the qualifications but you are short on some of the others, it might still be worth your time to interview. This follows the principle of trying not to sell yourself short. If you make a convincing case for yourself, then you might get a shot at the position, or the company might keep you in mind if something comes up in the future.

Think Positively as You Go on Your Interviews

Take a positive attitude into your interviews. Make sure that you are dressed to impress and that you are enthusiastic. Be ready for some of the usual interview questions, like what your five-year plan is, what some of your strengths and weaknesses are, and why you are the right fit for the job in question. Try to imagine the outcome that you want: getting the call back that you got the position.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Discouraged

If you don’t get one of the positions to which you applied immediately, don’t get down on yourself or give in to negative thoughts. The more positions for which you apply, the better your chances of getting hired somewhere, so keep checking online for new job listings every day.

Nonbelievers can dispute the power of positive thinking, but try to go about your job hunt secure in the belief that you will find something sooner rather than later. Attitude is infectious, and if your interviewers pick up on your positivity, it will only help your chances.


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