Review Of The Best Mobile Apps In 2013

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2013 generated a bumper crop of mobile apps, with everything from super-addictive games, photo-editing apps and social media tools that you never knew you needed in your life. Whether you’re an iPhone devotee or an Android fan, there were plenty of great apps to choose from, and almost as many mobile phone deals! Read on to check out some of the very best.


Google Hangouts

The demise of Google Talk was barely mourned with the release of the shiny new Hangouts app, which lets you communicate with your contacts in a myriad of ways. Send instant messages to other Google users and video chat for free. If you’re a Google+ user, you can also carry out video conferences with up to 12 people on the call. Perfect if you’re on one of the latest mobile phone deals from Virgin Media and want to make the most of your phone.



In light of the shocking revelations about prying government eyes snooping on our emails and texts, this app might just give you a little peace of mind. TextSecure encrypts your messages as they are being sent. But the added bonus is that stored messages on your phone are also encrypted, keeping them safe and secure from prying eyes closer to home.



iPhoneography will always be one of the key attractions behind Apple’s ever-sleek smartphone, and app makers are constantly trying to out-do one another to make your photo experience even better. Afterlight has the usual selection of cool filters to instantly transform your humdrum shots, but there is also a great collection of extra tools to help you fine-tune your masterpiece, including cropping, rotating and colour managing.



This easy language learning tool was picked as Apple’s top app of the year, and for the millions of users who’ve tried out this handy free app, it’s not hard to see why. It has a clear interface and uses language prompts that are actually useful to someone who wants to learn a language. With a choice of five languages, including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian, it’s an ideal primer for someone planning to travel.



An app that took us a little by surprise , but once we embraced it, we fell in love hard. How much could you do with a loop of 6-second video? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Vine was predicted to die a quick death with the launch of Instagram Video, but in the past year it has only gone from strength to strength, usefully bolstered by celebrity users sharing weird and wonderful short snippets to fans.



Currently available for iOS users only, this app is essentially a digital time capsule, capturing a day in your life for you to peruse at your pleasure some day in the future. Use it as a little reminder of those special moments in the past – you can wake up to a new memory everyday if you like. Or take a trip down memory lane and scroll through your social media feed from years ago.


So there are our best mobile apps of 2013. Check out the best mobile phone deals and then download these apps to see just how good they are!


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