Real Life Use of Bitcoins

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The revolutionary digital currency of this era has managed to survive nearly a decade now. Although there are people that promote its cause in order to get a more widespread application, there are several regulated and limited areas where bitcoins truly find a practical use.

The currency is known for its variable value and somewhat security compromised. The former mainly depends on the actual supply and demand ratio on the bitcoin market, as there needs to be a balance in order to stabilize a high price for bitcoins. As for the latter, firstly, you need to be aware of the peer-to-peer system they employ to transfer bitcoins. Certain people tend to employ the double spending tactics, using a certain value to pay for many things. All in all, the privacy and safety are undermined by such practices.

Still, some areas of human life find bitcoin as an acceptable payment option.


Trading & Investing

Bitcoins have largely varying values on the market. The current value is quite high, but there is never any certainty as to what might happen in a couple of moments.

Many people around the world tend to purchase and sell bitcoins, living off the difference. They consider this to be a new kind of market speculation technique. The difference in this regard is that there are no accountable factors like other such investments. On the contrary, opposing viewpoints seem to consider it a riskier practice than‘s games of chance.


Digital Gold

Other bitcoin users, on the other hand, see great potential in this currency, so much so as to compare it with gold. Understandably, they do point out the gold’s stability in terms of supply and demand, and therefore price. Nevertheless, bitcoins are said to be advantageous when opposed to gold, considering that they’re easily portable, durable and divisible.


Online Gambling

The advent of online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites and sports bookmakers have greatly changed the market’s appearance. Bitcoins’ appearance, on the other hand, has changed the way these sites do business. Many of them have introduced bitcoins as deposit and withdrawal methods, while there are others, such as, which advise players and sportsbooks alike.

In any case, many sites have been established with the sole motivation of introducing bitcoins as a payment method or simply implementing them into the sites’ established money transfer system.

Ransomeware & Dark Marketplaces

Despite the many advantages and positive effects of the everyday usage of bitcoins, there are also some applications which ultimately cause second thoughts among potential users. Namely, there are online marketplaces which allow people to purchase illegitimate substances and similar materials, and in some cases much worse. The main reason for bitcoins’ popularity in these circles is the lack of traceability which characterizes them.

Moreover, ransomeware has recently become another damaging, yet frequent practice. Hackers tend to encrypt the data in infected computers with the help of such software known as ransomeware. Consequently, they require bitcoins in exchange for the decryption process. As irrational as it may sound, offices and hospitals have seen such cases.



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