How powerful can 6 seconds be?

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In a nutshell, Vine (which is owned by Twitter) lets its users post Six seconds of video. Originally intended for android, the app has also proven immensely popular with iOS users. This ‘micro-video’ approach is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers, allow them to absorb a few quick snippets of information about your company which forces people to be short, concise and creative about their businesses and products.

The popularity of Vine

According to multiple sources Vine now has more than 40 million registered users, which is an increase in 13 million since June this year. You are probably thinking “yeah, well that’s great, but how can Vine help me and my Business?” Well you have come to the right place.

Vine is great for businesses that have creativity and viral content in mind but don’t have a huge media budget to implement their strategy in the form of television commercials etc…

Many potential customers, who are familiar with Twitter, prefer straight to the point facts, or a straight and to the point message when dealing with potential new business. For E-commerce business owners, you might want to use a strategy similar to this when promoting your (online clothing boutique for example) business through the Vine app: Several Quick shots of the products on offer, a mannequin, and the stores address and business card.

Vine vs YouTube

Vine has an advantage over Youtube for the following reasons,

  1. It is quicker and cheaper to produce video content
  2. Vine’s 6 seconds holds the engagement of the viewer easier than say a three minute YouTube video
  3. Short Sharp and to the point message

Vine is a great way of starting a visual conversation with customers. Your Vine video may pose a question to your target audience and you will gain a visual video response to your vine increasing customer engagement in your brand.

Play around with Vine, get creative and experience the power of 6 seconds for your e-commerce business.


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