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IBM i and big data

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The Apple Watch: is it worth the money?

The latest Apple technology that has everyone talking is the Apple Watch. With a launch date set for April 24th, we have been given huge teasers about what we can expect if we invest in the product. But there’s one question that’s seemingly on everyone’s lips: Is the Apple Watch worth the money? This blog...


The App Age


It has begun, the age of the app. Whilst the rise of the app has been a swift one, its eventual dominance was not unexpected. Therefore, critics and commentators met...


Actuator App Review


When it comes to engineering, the last thing I ever want to do is more unnecessary work. I have enough numbers to crunch already. Last month, I came across a...


How public is your private data?


How much information do we unwittingly share publicly about ourselves on social media? How much personal data can be assembled about us through a quick search on Google? More importantly,...