Online Slot Machines: A New Generation

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The slot machine has come a long way since it first evolved a century ago, with the development of computer technology allowing electronics to play a major part in their make-up.  The older machines were mechanically run, and very limited in the payout due to the probability limitations .


Computerised slots

These evolved in the 1980’s when affordable computers became available, changing the form of slot machines forever. When they were first installed in casinos, the players were reluctant to play, as they could not see the physical movement of the reels, however, after a while they realised that the payouts were similar. The computerised era brought with it a much higher range of variables, with large jackpots attracting more players. The development continued with the ability for the machines to accept notes, which meant the players spent more time actually playing, rather than waiting in line to change money. The style and range of games increased, with casino games, such as poker and blackjack attracting even more players.


Online slot machines

The Internet changed the world in many ways and gambling is no exception, with the explosion of online casinos a decade ago, anyone who is old enough and has an Internet connection can play. For the very best in online slot machines, visit Red Flush Canadian casino, where you can become an online high roller. With amazing graphics and very large progressive jackpots, it is possible to become a millionaire by staking just a few dollars.


Types of slots


Three reel classic slots

These have almost disappeared from view, with only a few available, mainly for nostalgic reasons. The possibilities with only three reels limits the range, whereas modern technology allows for a much more varied approach.


Five reel slots

A few years ago, these were the new generation of slots, with the extra two reels offering more symbols, combinations, and payouts. These slots are usually themed to make them more attractive to the player.


Progressive slots

All casinos, whether regular or online, have progressive slots. On a progressive machine, a small amount of the stake money is diverted to the progressive jackpot pool. The percentage differs from place to place, but can be as high as 15%. The progressive jackpot keeps growing until someone wins it, which makes the game much more attractive to the player, as one play, in theory, could make you an instant multi-millionaire! The jackpot could be extremely high with an online casino, as there are players worldwide playing simultaneously, meaning the jackpot amount can far exceed that of a bricks and mortar casino. Because some of the stake is allocated to the progressive jackpot, the payouts for other combinations are slightly less than with a regular slot; however, most players gladly accept this as they have a chance of winning a very large amount of money. Some progressive jackpots can reach over one million dollars, and although they are harder to win, the ability to become an instant millionaire draws players worldwide to try their luck.


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