Online Slot Machine Development Trends

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It is a well-known fact that online slots are very popular. There are more than few indicators of that and a lot of independent studies and researches have showed and proved it. The competition between online slot developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, as well as the competition between different online casino in terms of which operator will attract more customers are fierce. Casinos come up with various ways to attract new players and keep the existing ones. One of the best proven methods are online bonuses. By offering online bonuses casinos entice players to player more. Most of the bonuses that casinos offer can be used on slots, or at least on some of the available slots, as slots are by far the most popular category of games. One particular type of bonus that is guaranteed to attract new players is the No Deposit Bonus. It can be an amount of money which is won without even having to make a deposit, or a number of Free Spins that can be used on one, several, or all slot games. Check out if you want to know more about No Deposit Bonuses.


Then and Now

Despite the fact that online slots, or basically anything that has ‘online’ in its name is a relatively new phenomena, as the World Wide Web wasn’t around half a century ago, slots have been around for more than a century now. People who are old enough to remember the classic slots from the 1980s and before will surely tell you that things have changed.

With the introduction of online slots there was an obvious shift in the type of slot games that produced and offered, even at brick and mortar casinos. If we were used to classic slots, with standard symbols, 3 or 5 reels and not more than 10 pay-lines, now it is completely different. Nowadays more slots are themed, modern, they can be based on a certain, film, series, show, legend, myth, or a historic period. Moreover, nowadays slots are much more interactive, they feature bonus rounds, extra levels and have 3D graphics and animations.


What Can We Expect in Terms of Graphics and Gameplay

So, even though online slots haven’t been around for that long, they have been around long enough for us to be able to register certain trends in slot development that appeared recently. It is pretty clear where this industry is headed as well. If the past is anything like the present, we can expect to see even more animations and 3D effects, probably included in the main game as well and not only the pre-game intro or the bonus rounds. The visual and sound experience will certainly get a lot better, that is something that can be said with a big degree of certainty.

On the other hand, some players feel that the new slot games look a lot more like animated movies than slot games and want the old, classic design of slot games back. For this group of people, which is clearly smaller, there will be quite a few classic slots with traditional symbols that will surely have a bit of a modern touch. Maybe some remakes of old classic slots should be expected.


There’ll Be Some Slots with High RTPs

In terms of pay-outs and RTP, slot developers are aware that players are more informed and that many of them look for information concerning the RTP percentage and often base their decision whether to play a game or not on its pay-out rate. Therefore, we can expect companies to keep coming up with slot games that feature RTPs over 97%, 98% and why not even 99%.


More Progressives

People also enjoy playing progressive jackpots and that’s a proven fact. There are some quite established and popular jackpots that are certainly here to stay. However, newer versions of these jackpot games can certainly be expected. One thing is certain though, as the years go by the progressive jackpot prizes get bigger and bigger. We can expect the highest prize record to be broken again and again in the future.


Mobile Focus Will Become even more Popular

And finally, we all know how big mobile casino gaming is nowadays. Therefore, a lot more accent will be placed on mobile slots, that’s for sure. Some even claim that in the near future more people will be playing slots on their mobile devices as opposed to their computers. There is something to it and we can expect slot games that will be better optimised and even slot games that will be offered exclusively on mobile devices.


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