Online Gaming Industry Development

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Online Gambling is one of the fastest-growing gaming sector around the world. The online gambling industry has made a major leap into the gaming sector thanks to the widespread usage of the internet and the technological advancement of mobile devices. This has also enabled them to overtake various land based gaming sector such as brick and mortar casinos. The internet is the key factor which has been crucial in the online gambling industry development along with technological platforms such as smartphones and tablets that have made way for new types of gambling to form online. Online gambling has become of the most popular and lucrative sector on the internet, whereby it has included a wide range of service activities such as online bingo,  sports betting, casino games, media games, lottery services, etc.

According to the Gambling Compliance Research Services, the online gambling industry in Britain is set to continue its significant growth in the next few years where the turnover is expected to cross the £3 billion mark.  Prediction made by the GCRS hints that the net revenue of online gambling in the UK will rise above £2.8 billion by the end of 2015, whereas in 2016 it is expected to reach more than £3.2 billion. The first form of gambling over the internet was online casinos. A company named Microgaming was formed in 1994, and it claims to have been the very first to offer a fully functional online casino, called The Gaming Club. There are however several other companies that have made such claims, and it is quite hard to verify the authenticity of all.

Magical Vegas Casino is a recently launched online casino that has made it a point to differ from existing online casinos by offering its services on its very own gaming platform, thus providing a unique experience to its players. This site also has a large number of exclusive games that you won’t find anywhere else. As Technology marches relentlessly on, Magical Vegas has used the latest cutting edge technologies to reach its players and provide them with an enhanced and unmatched gaming experience. Magical Vegas is a responsive site, meaning that it can be accessed on nearly every mobile devices with great fluidity. In addition to that, players may indulge in Live Casino Games where they may watch live video stream of croupiers and dealers online.

We have come a long way since the first online casino, when the number of games offered was fairly limited and the software used were not as functional and entertaining as they are now. Over time, third party technologies and game providers took the opportunity of this fruitful online gambling industry to offer their services to the many online casinos, and this led to many similarities at different online casino. As the online gambling industry is developing further, it is becoming highly competitive as well, and now the only way to stay on top is by being different from others and making use of the latest cutting edge technology to reach players. There is no doubt that we may expect to see more progress and innovation in the online gambling industry with casinos such as Magical Vegas.


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