How Online Gambling is Taking Advantage of New Mobile Technology

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Online gambling has always been dependent on the latest and greatest technology to be as entertaining and efficient as possible. From the outset of Internet betting, games were relatively simple, taking advantage of limited resources of CPUs as well as dial up Internet connections but still finding effective ways to deal out cards and roll the reels to provide an entertaining experience.

This all changed when broadband connections became available as more complex games could be delivered in a rapid manner. Slots became more graphically intensive and more immersive, and table games were much more fluid providing an experience that rivaled what could be played in Vegas or any land casino throughout the world.

The advent of smartphones saw online gambling technology advance further, as these immersive games were able to be offered anywhere that a punter could hook up to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.  As the years have progressed so has the technology behind smartphones and mobile online betting games, and the segment is expected to grow to be worth more than $100 billion by 2017 What kind of new technologies are betting operators using to heighten the gaming experience for punters?

Increased Specs = A Smoother Betting Experience

 For a long time the biggest thing holding back mobile betting was the inability for phones to offer a gambling experience that met what players had on their PCs or within a land casino. Fortunately, this has changed quite a bit as smartphones and tablets have increased their processor speeds and ram capabilities.

Online sportsbooks and casinos have tailored their mobile experiences to take advantage of these increases, allowing for games to become faster and more in-depth than what was previously available. Sites like Bovada and Mandarin Palace take advantage of this by providing 3D video slots, table games, and video poker machines which look nearly identical to their PC counterparts, and if you have a good connection you would likely not even notice the difference.

Apps are another big segment of the mobile gambling industry growing. As developers get on with creating specific applications, the mobile betting sector is taking advantage by creating specific software that allows punters to access online casinos and sportsbooks without having to load them into their web browsers, delivering an experience that can be a bit smoother and graphically intensive.

Increased Data Speeds and Betting Streaming

 Perhaps the greatest feature of new mobile technology is the fact that data speeds are increasing rapidly, allowing for sportsbooks, horse racing tracks, and casinos to provide live streams of activities that they take action on.

Examples of this include Derby Jackpot, a US friendly horse-racing site that can be viewed on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Streams are broadcast completely live with punters being able to see how their bets fared with bets being paid out within a matter of minutes following the conclusion of the race.

Live casinos are also taking advantage of this technology, allowing punters on their smartphones the ability to bet on a live roulette or blackjack game from virtually anywhere. This type of live betting has proven to be extremely popular and is growing very quickly throughout regulated betting markets.

Backend Mobile Technology and Their Online Betting Roles

 In addition to many front-end technologies that punters can see and feel, there are also many great mobile technologies operating on the betting backend. Punters may not been able to see many of these features, but they sure contribute to a great experience that moves the industry forward.

Geo-location is a feature on mobile phones that allows your exact location to be transmitted, and it surprisingly has played a large role in Internet betting. Punters playing in a regulated jurisdiction on their mobile phone or tablet can have their location confirmed by the casino or sportsbook, ensuring that players from barred locations cannot login and play.

This has come into prominent use in the United States, where New Jersey betting sites such as Betfair and Caesars can restrict players from New York or Pennsylvania from accessing their online casinos, keeping out punters where online betting is not yet legal. Of course this is not without drawbacks, as the technology is not perfect yet, and players can often times be booted even though they are well within pre-defined borders. As Android Betting Sites points out, Geo-Location could be disastrous if it is implemented in a way that is not properly maintained

With that being said, there are other great backend technologies that allow for great mobile betting experiences. Many mobile operators have a payment system that allows for deposits to be made via these devices, and the payment processing is extremely secure through various SSL techniques that are shared with desktop computers.

Additionally, bonus and promotions can be sent via these backend systems with text messages or push notifications being sent to users. While nobody likes spam, targeted betting promotions are usually quite popular with punters, and allow them to claim exclusive goodies that can only be used on their phones or in a certain location.

Future Technology and Mobile Betting

As we move forward through the years mobile technology will continue to evolve, and we will see online gambling take advantage. Phone manufacturers such as Samsung have started dabbling in virtual reality, and it is likely that we will see some sort of this technology being adopted by mobile betting operators.

While it is hard to see exactly what is coming down the road, technology will continue to evolve and the future of mobile online gambling is bright because of this.


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