Office Machinery You Never Knew Existed

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If you are looking to improve the productivity and success of your business, you need to have the right office equipment and gadgets to run your company properly.  There are computers, telephones, whiteboards, air conditioning systems, printers, scanners, network hardware and various other things that we all see as commonplace in offices.  However, there are even more pieces of equipment, gadgets and machinery you can invest in that will help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your office and increase productivity.  The amazing thing is that many of these many of these are things you didn’t even know existed.

To help you see how some of these could help your business, we will highlight some of the most useful and interesting in the following article.




Washable Keyboard

Keyboards are disgusting and easily become jammed thanks to debris, dust and food particles.  In the past, you would have to spend a good hour or so clean it properly.  Not only was it time-consuming, but also fiddly and just a pain.  With a washable keyboard though, you no longer have that problem.  No longer will spill a cup of coffee over your keyboard be an issue.  It features a dust and crumb brush underneath it and you are able to submerge it in water 11 inches deep.


If the staff in your office uses iPads as part of their work or even downtime, there are now devices you can get that charge multiple devices at once.  The iLuv MultiCharger-X is one such device and this one, in particular, can charge and sync up 10 individual iOS systems at once.  It features an LED light beneath each slot to indicate whether the device is fully charged, charging or syncing.  There is a rubber pad where you can place the laptop or MacBook that is being used to update the devices and to keep all your office worker’s devices secure, the compartment they are stored in has a lockable door.

An additional benefit of using this charger unit is that you can invest in three of them, stack them on top of each other and sync and charge more a total of 30 iPads together.  Ideal if you have a medium to a large-sized office.

Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair

Although it may look a bit odd, sitting on a fitness ball could be just what your staff needs while they work.  Not only will the gentle bouncing relieve stress, helping your employees to increase productivity, the extra movements your body makes will mean your members of staff stay active.

This particular model combines the benefits of a fitness ball with a metal frame that encourages your employees to have perfect posture.


Folding Machine

Even if you have heard of the above devices and machines, it is possible that you have not heard of folding machines.  What exactly is a folding machine, you might be wondering?  Simply put, it is a device that is used to fold paper, normally for mailing uses.  It may sound like a strange prospect, but by having a machine that takes care of all your paper folding needs, it saves you and your staff a lot of valuable energy, effort and time.  Depending on the size and style of model, your folding machine could turn out the necessary amount of folded paper for a mass mailing in mere minutes, rather than the many hours it may take by hand.

As you can see, there are as just as many types of office machinery, equipment and gadgets that you haven’t heard of, as there that you have heard of.  Though they not all be suitable or useful for your business, it is likely that many will be and could improve the productivity and efficiency of your company and employees.


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