No Phone Needed to Call with New Apple Watch

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You won’t need a phone in order to make calls with the new Apple Watch, or so suggests a leak. Captain Kirk did, as did Dick Tracy –but will you feel ok holding a conversation by means of the gadget on your wrist? This is the question Apple Watch owners are going to have to find an answer for. The new model looks likely to have its own 4G connection, according to hints in the leaked iOS 11 code, and all of this and more will become possible thanks to it.

The New Interface Carries a Hint

The Apple Watch’s new interface sports the icon of a telephone, which is a further suggestion that the newest Watch will be able to make and receive calls independently of your smartphone.

The smartwatch market isn’t exactly ablaze, but this company is still the leader in the industry, and the latest efforts to make the Watch more health-focused as well means that there is more to look forward to than just trying to figure out how to look cool with your wrist in front of your mouth! You’ll also be able to access the internet easily, and should be able to play games at sites like River Belle casino on your wrist.

The Basic Information on the Next Apple Watch

The next wearable from Apple will be released either in the later parts of 2017, or the early parts of 2018 at the latest. The cost is likely to be set at around US$399, and there is even the chance that it will enjoy a launch alongside the iPhone 8.

There is a possibility that we will have to wait until April next year though, seeing as the original Apple Watch enjoyed an April release, and there is also the prospect that an entirely independent date will be chosen for the latest model.

More Manufacturers are Getting on Board

One of the most recent rumours to be flying around suggests that there are about to be additional manufacturers for the Apple Watch: Quanta Computer will apparently no longer be the only manufacturer, and the company will now need to start sharing product with its rival, Compal.

Wait or Don’t Wait for the Apple Watch 3?

If you are thinking of buying an Apple Watch, we have outlined reasons to wait for the new release, and reasons to not delay, and simply get the wearable you want to make your life easier right now.

Wait if:

  • You want a better battery life
  • Want to see what the September Apple product launch reveals
  • You want a better performance from your wearable
  • Want a standalone Apple Watch with LTE

Don’t wait if:

  • You want to save money and buy a cheaper product
  • Are looking for a radically different looking product
  • Are wanting Apple Watch Android support

Unless you fit a particular set of circumstances, as per that outlined in the above two lists, we advise you to wait for the next release if you can. There’s not much longer to go, and you may end up kicking yourself if you don’t wait!


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