Nintendo Switch – Best Console Of This Generation?

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Nintendo has a reputation as far as its consoles go, for bringing out technology that either succeeds far beyond expectation, or disappoints to a significant degree. It’s a rather extreme contrast, and one that always has gamers watching on with interest when the inevitable new console release happens. The Nintendo Wii U, the second most recent console from the company, did not do as well as Nintendo were likely hoping.

The latest console from Nintendo, however, the Nintendo Switch, once again seems to have the mammoth company on top form, with some already declaring it as the best gaming console of this generation. I looks set to be as popular as real money blackjack, and other favourite games that have stood the test of time. That may come as a surprise, however, as the console is drastically underpowered in comparison to other consoles, and has a game library that is rather modest, to say the least. So what is it about the Nintendo Switch that has so many singing its praises? Let’s take a look.

Console Or Portable

The biggest selling point of the Nintendo Switch is that it can quickly, and easily, transform from being a classic games console, to a handheld portable console, in the blink of an eye. It’s a great idea, and certainly one that appeals to many modern gamers. Simply take the handset from the console, and the game currently being viewed will be playable on the go. Hence, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld game station and classic games console, all in one. And who doesn’t like the idea of taking all their favourite games wherever they want, at any time?

This feature alone makes the Nintendo Switch a remarkably flexible gamer’s delight. But what about the games themselves?

As already said, the Nintendo Switch is drastically underpowered. It has resources and specifications that don’t match up to the PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, and in fact aren’t even in the same league. And due to this, the games available are graphically inferior in just about every way. But, the system makes up for this by having Nintendo developed exclusives. Nintendo is not just a console creator, after all, but also a world class games developer.

Nintendo Switch Exclusives

Zelda – Breath of The Wild is a game that has caused major waves since its release. Not an overly impressive game at first glance, but so well made, and with such incredible depth, it sucks players in and introduces them to a vast, amazing fantastical world. What makes it most unique, however, is that it has all been achieved on a games console that hardly boasts impressive hardware.

Nintendo are well known for making not just good games, but incredible games, and doing so with graphics that might be laughed at, were they for any other modern franchise. In other words; Nintendo are kings at making the most of very little, and their exclusive game releases are perfectly complimentary for their underpowered consoles

If the Nintendo Switch is or isn’t the best console of this generation is a matter of opinion. But either way, one cannot deny that Nintendo are smart, skilled developers, and always worth the time of a modern gamer.


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