New infographic shows how Comic Con has transformed into 135,000 sell-out event

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If you are into comics, Marvel and everything else, it would be fair to say that Comic Con is something of a big deal.

However, the sheer scale of this event is something that a lot of people don’t understand. This can be highlighted by a recent infographic, which showcases the history and how the event went from effectively zero to hero in the matter of a few decades. Or, if we are to tap into the exact statistics, it has gone from an event hosting just 135 people to one which now has over 145,000.

Of course, with fifty years of history now behind Comic Con, the capacity isn’t the only thing that has sent tongues wagging with this latest infographic.

For example, as well as being host to just 145 people back at the first event in 1970, Comic Con tickets cost just $3.50. Well, nowadays that price is somewhat inflated. For example, for four days you would be looking at a total of $276, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. After all, as we have already alluded to, this is a sell-out event. It means that in reality, unless you are one of the lucky “few” who bag a standard ticket, you could be looking at paying thousands across various ticket reselling websites. Then, even if you do get a ticket at the standard price, according to this Reddit thread you’re still looking at the best part of $1,000 for your weekend. In short, it’s a hugely expensive experience.

So, based on the last fifty years, what’s next for Comic Con? Whether or not it will grow at the same rate is debatable, but new initiatives are certainly trying to push it in this direction. One such initiative comes in the form of Comic-Con Museum. As the name suggests, this is a museum to celebrate the event and will be open all throughout the year in Balboa Park. Work is still ongoing to convert the 1935 Federal Building to house this museum, but we’d hedge our bets that this is likely to boost the whole buzz around Comic Con and once again, take it to a level which nobody could have ever imaged.

For the time being though, simply hold onto your hats and await the next San Diego Comic Con – set to arrive in July 2020.


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