What You Need To Know About Marketing Translation

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How can marketing translation be different to other kinds of translation?

Translation can be split into many different sectors; business, legal, financial and medical, to name a few. Each type can work differently and have an alternative process compared to others. However, marketing translation can be seen to be one of the main types – the type that the success of your business globally depends on. A translation agency could be your best choice when looking to market your business in multiple countries.

What is marketing translation?

The translation of marketing content should be a big part of your business strategy if you’re looking to grow your business far and wide. It involves the translation of website content, social media, communications between people in other countries, as well as physical copies of documents, to appeal more to your target audience – each of these should be available in all languages you are targeting. If you want to market your business to other countries, you need effective marketing translation.

Why is marketing translation different?

Translating marketing material isn’t the same as your standard translation. A translator not only needs to translate content to make it accessible for the right people in a variety of different countries, but they also need to translate content that sells. 

Of course, doing this internally within your business poses a number of different problems, such as time constraints, inaccuracies and mistranslations. A professional translator can eliminate any of these problems, bringing effective marketing translations to the table and great results for your business, no matter the industry.

Marketing translation is crucial to your business or brand. Content for one group of people or target audience for one niche won’t be suitable for another. The right translator will identify the type of content and wording that will appeal to your specific audience and incorporate this into your new content. 

It allows your business to shine.

The main goal of marketing translation for any business is the same – to portray your brand’s voice and to bring the right customers to you. Wherever you want to market your business in the world, your content should be the first thing you start with. However, even though every business should send a similar message to their customers, you need to be careful how you do it. 

Every language has different words and meanings – a certain word in one language may mean something entirely different in another. This is why it’s always important to use the correct wording to make your business shine and to encourage more customers to trust you and your services. A professional translator will be competent in this. 

Idioms and metaphors.

In marketing and advertising content, there will often be idioms and metaphors used for humour or to get a point across. However, this isn’t understood or accepted in a lot of languages. These words or phrases don’t translate very well and could even cause offence or be problematic in some countries. Without the correct marketing translation, you could be doing more harm than good.

Marketing translation from the right translation company means you’ll work alongside a professional who will consider the preferences of different cultures and countries. Your translated copy will not only be appealing to the right audience, but they will also eliminate any unaccepted idioms, metaphors or confusing slogans. 

Quality marketing translation takes time.   

As with any type of translation, marketing won’t work effectively if it is rushed. Quality always takes time to achieve. A translator will work hard to study the original copy, keeping in mind the importance of headings and titles. Each sentence is crucially important to the marketing of your business and the message you want to get across to your customers. 

If translation is rushed, or you have an inexperienced member of your team attempt marketing translation for you, then you can expect your reliability levels to crumble and your customer base to decline. People need to know they’re opting for quality products and services, not those with minimum effort put into them. 

Marketing translation can grow your customer base if done the right way.

Using marketing translation services can take your business from strength to strength. Prevent errors and draw more people in by using a professional – someone who can portray your business values and your services to the right people, in the right way. 

This post was in collaboration with Intrawelt, a translation and interpretation agency. For more information on their services or to get in contact with them, visit their website: https://intrawelt.com/en. 


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