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If you’re geeky about the analysis of football and you enjoy trying to profit from your statistical analysis with a punt here and there – then the brand new Betpractice score grid for football is a must-have app.


This is the first ever gambling app which displays exchange betting football markets in a score grid format. The app makes the mixing and matching of single football bets in different markets far easier and more efficient. It also depicts potential gambling choices in different footballing markets – showing the net profit or loss with each potential score from games.


One of the best features of the score grid system is that it enables users to determine the most profitable potential bet combinations in different football markets. It’s both an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system and you’ll soon get to grips with it if soccer analysis and gambling is really your thing.


Perhaps the most important two features of score grid though, is the fact that you can enjoy a three-day free trial period and that it features a training mode (and a free demonstration only version).


What all this means is that you can learn to use the app for free, trailing real strategies in a simulated way to see if you would profit if you were gambling for real. You can, therefore, see how good you are and how you would fare in the real world. Just remember to trial your system for long enough to make sure you have confidence in your own ability to turn a profit.


This is the first football betting platform which is based on the current scores along with one-click betting in the grid format. It also has a cash-out calculator and several other features which make it great fun for betting on live games in the Champions League, English Premier League and so many others – that will help us all through the long and boring winter ahead!


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