Mobile Gaming Trends of 2014

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When you play card games online, you are joining millions of people who enjoy gaming on mobile devices. Whether you play games for free or you decide to wager on some online poker or slot machines, mobile gaming trends for 2014 will continue to entertain players of online games during the year.

One of the biggest mobile games everyone seems to play is Candy Crush. No one really understands why just about everyone has tried the game at one point or another, but it could be that it is a casual game and available on all mobile devices. It’s not a hard game, doesn’t take very much concentration and people pay money to get bonus lives and special help pieces to complete a level.

Mobile gaming will continue with solid growth, according to Marketing Week. The growth of online gaming is sparked by more and more people owning devices that allow them to play games while waiting in the car or at a doctor’s office. Prior to this, gamers could only play while sitting at a computer. With the development of mobile applications for gaming, people are playing games any time they have down time.

Websites that only provide games that cost money will likely lose out in revenue in 2014. With so many social media sites offering gamers the opportunity to play for free, static sites that only allow gaming with cash are losing out. The key is to provide games free, with incentives for the players to want to spend money to get to a higher level or to keep playing. If you want to have a try at playing classic card games on the go, play at, where you can play a range of fun (and free) slots games, poker, roulette, and more. Should you choose to make a wager, you have a few payment options to choose from.

Once a gamer gets into a game and is trying to beat a level, it is more likely that when their free money runs out they will make small purchases to keep playing the game. Games that are fun and engaging can still make money online, but the hook is getting gamers in for free.

Casual games that are easy to play will continue to sprout up all over the internet. People that are playing games through their phone need easy entertainment, not the complicated video games that come with gaming consoles. The screens are small and the control factor is not there on a smart phone like there is with a game controller.

For the casual gamer, 2014 will continue to provide interesting games that are both fun yet easy to play. For those that love online casino gaming, games that don’t cost much to play and games that have interesting bonuses will continue to blossom. People love to play games without having to spend a ton of money and good casino games will give you plenty of play time for your investment.

Gaming in 2014 will keep going away from consoles and moving towards games that are perfect for mobile devices. People are busy, but they want to be entertained when they are waiting. Gamers simply have more time where they are on a mobile device than sitting at a static computer or game console, so they are playing with mobile devices more than ever.


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