The merging of social gaming and gambling

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For any casino gamer that can’t wait for social gambling to catch up, there are plenty of ways to play casino games online already. Although many fans of blackjack and roulette already game online at sites where they can play instant casino, most regular players have now moved on to downloading mobile casino apps and playing on their phones instead. It makes a lot of sense to play on the mobile, whether you’re at home or not. That way, you can fit in a few hands of blackjack or a few spins on your favourite slot while you’re waiting for a friend to meet you at a bar, or sitting waiting for the game to resume after the ad break.

If you want to find out quickly the best sites to play casino games on your mobile, check out this selection of mobile casinos. There, you’ll not only find which sites support which platforms, but you’ll also see which sites offer the best games and best sign-up bonuses.

Although the casino gaming industry was a bit slow to catch on to the mobile market at first, it hasn’t held back at all in getting a firm grasp on the social gaming arena.


There are already over 11 million social gamblers on Facebook, playing games such as roulette, blackjack and slots online. Gambling and social media are natural partners after all – while you might be tweeting about what you’re wearing or where you’re going out tonight, there are plenty of day traders out there pumping stocks on the stock market by talking them up in tweets, as well as sports betting gamblers sharing their dead cert racing tips on sites like Twitter.

When you think about it, social gambling is simply an extension of those social media games that have been around for years. The only difference is that with the social media games you part with cash in order to buy extra content. On games like Farmville players can buy virtual additional land and virtual new tools with their real money. With social gambling games, you’re only parting with cash in the hope that you’ll win more cash!

In order to get more people playing social casino gaming, the casino gaming operators are doing what they can to produce games that are visually similar to the most popular social games. Take Slotomania on Facebook as an example, its style is very ‘gamey’ rather than out and play the casino.

Some critics think that social gambling will encourage another generation to become gamblers, but there are age-restrictions which prevent underage play. However, there are already plenty of free-to-play casino games that are open to all on social media platforms like Facebook. Although children could learn a positive lesson when playing these games that they won’t always win through playing gambling games, neither will they necessarily understand the gravity of what the same losses would mean with real money.

Whatever people think of social gambling, though, it’s likely that it’s here to stay – in 2012, Morgan Stanley predicted that there will be a $2.5 billion social gambling market by next year.



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