How to market your business straight from your ipad

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Owning your own business means you wear a lot of hats, and often get creative with how you run things. You go from secretary to CEO in a blink, marketing expert to human resources guru in a snap. So make sure you’re using your devices to their full potential. Your iPad, for example, has the capability to be just as versatile as you are, which is why you can use it to market your online business from wherever you need to be.

Check Out Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great resource when you’re running an online business. It helps you figure out where your audience is coming from, improve the number of clicks you get, and tailor your marketing to your customer base. You can download several apps to your iOS devices to display your Google Analytics data, but it’s easier to process what you’re looking at when you’ve got a larger screen, so this one’s perfect for your iPad.

Back Up Data with Cloud Storage

When you’re doing your own marketing, your data is precious. Backing up your iPad is automatic if you have iCloud. It’s worth paying for extra storage on iCloud if you’re going to rely heavily on your iPad for marketing purposes since you don’t want to lose anything. You also don’t want to have to worry about saving everything in a specific app.

Cloud storage is also useful when it comes to sharing big files. If you need to email images to a designer or share a video with someone, apps like Google Drive make that really simple to do from your iPad.

Do Lots of Social Media Marketing


Some social media marketing requires a mobile device instead of a desktop or a laptop computer. Have you ever tried using Instagram from your laptop? That’s why your iPad is a great resource for all your social media marketing, which is one of your most powerful marketing resources if you use it correctly.

Social media gives you the opportunity to blast your brand on many platforms, reaching different users with each social media app. Many people develop loyalty to a brand because of social media interaction; you can reply to tweets or Instagram comments in real time, which connects you to your customers and helps you gracefully manage your customer interaction. It’s also a smart way to offer customer support, since many people will Tweet or leave a Facebook comment when they want to reach a business. Use Hootsuite as one easy iPad mini 4 platform from which you can manage all your social media accounts. The mini 4’s large screen makes it so easy to do everything from one place.

Dictate Your Blog Posts

Great web content generates shares on social media and directs people to your page. But no matter how great iPads are, the thought of typing a 500 (or more) word blog post on one isn’t exactly appealing. You could get an external keyboard for your iPad, but why bother when you can dictate your web content instead?

Dragon Dictation is available for free iPad download in the iOS store. This app is a lifesaver if you’re a slow typist, and the more you use it, the better it becomes at recognizing your voice, speech patterns, and the words you use. Plus, dictation software helps you jot down ideas no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising

If you need to reach an international audience, Facebook advertising is the way to do it. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook every day from their phones, and 82 percent of Facebook users come from outside the U.S. Facebook advertising is also a good way to test out different ads to see if one works better than the other. They have a split ad feature, which allows you to run two ads at once aimed at two different demographic groups. Side-by-side comparisons are invaluable when it comes to ultimately spending money on one ad or the other.

When you run an online business, you’re freed from the confines of an office. Your iPad becomes your desk, and from there you can run your online marketing with ease.


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