Maintain Your New Galaxy S6 EdgeFor Years With A Durable Skin

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A Galaxy S6 Edge is an amazing piece of technology that can fit in the palm of your hands. With a breathtaking Quad HD display and a crystal clear rear and front-facing camera as part of its many features, it’s no wonder that the going price is around $500. When you’re dropping that much money on one device, you want it to last as long as possible. Outfitting your S6 Edge with an appropriate skin is a crucial step towards protecting your phone.

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Because of the patented 3M vinyl, S6 Edge skins protect the phone from harmful scratches, cracks, dirt, and grime that can damage its operation. Its thin layer acts like a thick case without any added bulk, so your Edge maintains its functionality. The superior grip these skins afford also prevents accidental drops from your hand or slips from a surface far above the ground; considering how many times you take your Edge in and out of your pocket and how often you multitask texting and browsing, you need all of the grip that you can get.


The 3M vinyl allows a precision cut for any device, so the exact dimensions of your S6 Edge are considered when made. When you purchase a skin for your phone, you won’t be frustrated with a decal that is slightly too big or too small for your device. It will fit perfectly, flawlessly matching the curves of your phone without covering up important jacks or its camera. The skins are also designed specifically to be removable. Without leaving sticky residue that other adhesives leave behind, the 3M vinyl can be taken off and reapplied multiple times.


This means you can purchase more than one style for your phone, mixing up your phone’s look as the desire arises. You won’t be breaking the bank either, as S6 Edge skins from leading decal providers are affordable. The average skin from dbrand is under $20, meaning you can switch from several of their available styles. It’s a good thing too because they offer many different textures, colours, and designs to choose from. You don’t have to make the difficult decision between a carbon-fibre red or an eye-catching silver. At dbrand’s prices, you can get both, outfitting your Edge with unique, fashionable protection.


When you’ve invested the amount of money necessary for an Edge, you need to make sure it can withstand your active lifestyle. Outfit your phone with a skin, and you’ll have a phone that’s ready for anything you can throw at it.


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