Location and Other Factors That Drives Yellow Page Directory Search

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What sets directories apart from any other advertising media is the purpose behind its access. Where users might just see an ad and skip on to something else, they would open up a directory only with the purpose of buying something on their mind. It is quite obvious that before the purchase is made, any user would take certain amount of time to carry out detailed and proper research. Despite being eager to buy, every user would spend considerable amount of time checking the competition in the market; browsing through the various offers being provided to them such for example a Costa bingo promo code who regularly offer online deals. Only when the scan for proper solution is over and they land with a deal that satisfies their needs, the user purchases it.

When seeking information about a particular service or product in online yellow page directories, users open only those ads that match their requirements. The rest of the ads that doesn’t cater to what they are looking for remain unnoticed by the users. So, what is the major factor that drives this sorting while searching? It is nothing but location. There are definitely other parameters that buyers take into account when searching for a product/service, however, location features on top of the list. This is mainly because anyone would prefer accessing quality services that are located nearby, rather than travelling quite a distance to avail some offer or service.

The first thing that users want to know when conducting yellow page directory search is that how easy it would be for them to get to the location. Automatically, businesses that are listed faraway are eliminated in the initial stages of searching only. This means their ads are not even taken a look at. As convenience of taking a service/product rules their mind, the general process users follow is selecting options such as ‘Sort by Location’. After the sorting is done and the users get presented with selected ads that are close to them, they open the ads that they find interesting and useful enough. So, not until this point is reached, the information in the ads gets considered by the users.

Even during the information gathering phase, users tend to search by location primarily. However, this is not the only factor that they keep in mind. They look for several other parameters as well such as payment methods, brands offered, hours of validity for a particular offer and many more. All these vital information are provided in the ads businesses post online, or in the pages dedicated to them within the directory. It is with the help of these, users can get clearer idea about what options are available to them, who is the provider and how users can make the most of the deals offered.

Thus, to arrest the attention of the users, business owners need to provide straightforward information about their products/services in the pages. Moreover, the ads they frame must provide clear indication of offering deals that match what exactly users are looking for; so that they rest assured that their search has come to an end. The ultimate purpose of a business owner would be to get a call from buyers and urge him/her to purchase the product/services offered by that business. So, it is not necessary to complicate matters by presenting information in convoluted manner. Stating information clearly yet attractively can make users get interested in an advertisement.

It is not necessary for an advertiser to become the first choice in order to be selected among the chosen few. Just strategically placing an ad in the online local directory with all the necessary information a buyer might be looking for, can help a business owner to draw in people for a purchase.

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Shirley Jones is a business consultant, who offers all sorts of solutions to make one’s business gain maximum visibility these days. From listing business in yellow page directory to publishing print advertisements, she suggests best solution for every client of hers.


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