Kami Indoor Camera Complete Review

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If you have been facing problems with security issues at your home or workplace consider that problem gone with Kami indoor camera. With the new innovative technology, there is absolutely no shortage of security cameras available these days. 

And this Shanghai-based Yi technology is not familiar with many people. But it is becoming one of the top class security devices that most people are now opting. The new Kami security indoor camera is expected to struggle as it is going to face a very stiff competition with other big names in the market. Big names such as Nest and Arlo are very familiar with people and Kami has to convince the consumer to purchase it. 

Nevertheless, the security camera will surely attract a lot of clients because it carries all the needed features that most people crave for in security cameras. Let’s take a look! 

Kami Indoor Camera Design and Features 

The camera comes with a very low price and it was packed in a number of useful features. The camera offers 192×1080 high-def lens that provides 110-degree viewing angle along with a night-vision mode just like the live poker room camera at jokaroom.com. Adding to that, the camera carries two-way audio so that you can check in with people at home when you need to. 

Moreover, there is also the availability of a USB port that will enable you to keep or save some of the footage for future use. However, as the name says, this is an indoor camera and that means it does not have any water resistance feature because it is not suitable for outdoor use. 

Getting Started 

Setting up this wonderfully made indoor security camera is just a piece of cake. All the credit goes to the well-designed app that will give you a complete guide on how you can set up the camera in simple steps. Just like in games at the online casinos in the united states, the guide will offer the tutorial on how you can use this top device if you are using it for the first time. 


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