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When it comes down to the serious matter of marketing, social media is clearly the cornerstone for 2016. ‘Where it’s at’ is with all things digital, which is perfect for internet lovers and nerds alike. However, with Pew Internet reporting that 65% of American adults made use of social media in 2015, and the GWI report stating that the average Brit spends over one hour every day handling around four different social media accounts, it’s clear that social media is global – and complex.

It’s by no means enough these days to have an account on things. Nor is it really okay to blindly use just one or two platforms. There needs to be key research performed into which ones will work best for your business or brand. For example, digital specialists have outlined why you must consider integrating Instagram into your social strategy. With 400 million monthly users of Instagram – and counting – in addition to the more intimate relationship with audiences that Instagram has (especially when working with key influencers), you’d be crazy not to have a serious think about your next steps in these areas.

However, it was revealed that only 28% of marketers use Instagram as part of a social media strategy. It’s unthinkable that such growth would be ignored in any other aspect, especially when you take into account that Web Marketing Group states that 40% of people are much happier processing visuals than plain and often dull text. Ignoring Instagram is ignoring common sense, it’s ignoring your customers… and it’s ignoring your profits! If you don’t know how to use it, seek help from someone who can.

So, what about Facebook? Even your grandmother uses it now, right?! Well, in spite of it still being the most widely used network, with an impressive revelation that over 82% of the world (except China) have an account, Facebook is in actual fact the only key platform to be experiencing a decline in usage. According to a report by the GWI, YouTube is now the most popular network. Instagram isn’t too far behind. To cite Our Social Times, the photo and video sharing app grew over 50% in the space of just nine months in 2014, overtaking Twitter in use. Statistics for 2016 are bound to reveal steady growth, particularly with new features and filters being added all the time!

With any kind of strategy, data is what matters most. Stop using guesswork, and actually study insights and trends to show you the direction that you need to take. For example, Facebook worked for everyone a few years back. But things change, and they change constantly. According to Social Ogilvy’s popular study, you can kiss your impressive organic Facebook reach goodbye! To the dismay of businesses the world over, reach is at a shockingly low 2% organically, so you won’t even scratch the surface of your fans. That number following you may as well now be arbitrary. Obviously you can boost posts and have good days with the bad, but it’s truly time to diversify.

A good social strategy is tailor-made, inclusive and geared to your audience. Do you have what it takes?


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