Integrating with Business, online gambling just got serious

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Online gambling has been evolving rapidly over recent years, and its latest development has moved things to a whole new level. If you thought integrated online casino and sports betting sites were highly evolved, this will blow your mind.

Financial Spread betting (FSB) as provided by specialists represent a paradigm move from games of chance and unpredictable sports events to the thoroughly scientific, rigorously analytical and entirely neutral domain of the world’s financial markets.

In this arena, there is no such thing as pure chance. In just the same way, the vagaries of form and injury that bedevil sports betting are taken out of the equation. FSB is a matter of pure research. The more time and investigation you invest, the more a positive outcome is likely. This is gambling for grown ups or, to put it another way, gambling just caught up with the serious business that we know as Wall Street trading.

What specialist providers, such as Tradefair, offer is the means to identify a single stock, commodity, currency or market index, for example the FTSE 100 or the Dow Jones, and to peg a stake against its movement. It is perfectly possible to make this a matter of chance, anyone can simply take a guess at what they think might happen, but FSB is a medium that is designed with intelligence and insight in mind.

There are serious amounts of money to be won but the risk-and-reward equation is evenly balanced. In other words, unlike a conventional fixed odds bet, the player’s stake is not a one off deposit. Rather, the stake represents an ‘open’ position; profits and losses are calculated as a multiple of the original stake. If the bet wins, the stake is multiplied by the number of points that the chosen stock, currency or index has moved. The risk in the equation derives from the fact that losses are calculated on the same basis if the bet loses.

It is that exposure to an open risk that makes FSB such a serious proposition. Although there is potential to generate rapid and sizeable profits, there is an equal and proportional risk the other way. The requirement for a thorough understanding of the stock, its specific market conditions and the wider trading context is inescapable.

If that all sounds too much like a day at the office, there is a good reason for that. FSB is set up and presented in the manner of a full -time trader’s desktop. Providers offer comprehensive suites of analytical and graphing resources which allow for fully informed, up-to-the-minute market intelligence. If you ever fancied yourself as a Wall Street Trader, FSB is as close to the real thing as you could wish. There are even serial individual traders who use FSB in preference to conventional trades in actual stock.

There are good reasons why those traders prefer FSB. Apart from its immediate, hands-on, utility – you enact the trades yourself online – there are no fees to pay and – ordinarily – no taxes to pay on any winnings. Ease of use, speed of use and the trimming of unnecessary costs all make FSB the world’s most user-friendly trading mechanism.

FSB trades are ordinarily turned around in a matter of minutes; it is not a long-term investment vehicle. It is purely a derivative-based means to take a position against a given stock over a short-term basis. It is, therefore, ideally suited to unstable markets which offer traders the opportunity to back their intelligence against the market.

FSB is instantly compelling. Even if you experiment with a small bet, the movement of real-time prices becomes a very real test of your nerve and your confidence in your insight. You will never look at a fixed odds bet in the same way again.


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